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yes anyone can make a payment on someones account if they know the account #

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Can anyone help my friend with discover balance transfer?

Well Discover would be the type of credit card your friend has, and a balance transfer would be him paying off that credit card with another. He can contact Discover, or look on their website for more information.

How do you get the vendetta tan on zwinky?

you have to have an account with the tan, its a wardrobe transfer, must find a friend or person who has the tan. they will do a wardrobe transfer

How do you get one of your facebook friends to be your Tetris friend?

Always remember that you cannot transfer your FB Friend into your Tetris friend. Your friend must have a Tetris account and then add him/her at Tetris

How do you transfer furniture from one habbo account to another one?

Ask a friend to be in your room. Trade the furni(s) with him/her. Log in with your other account then go to the room. Get the furni from the friend.

Were can you get a free cell phone without a credit card or bank account?

get one from a friend.

How can you transfer your balance from o2 phone number to other o2 phone number?

If you're on Prepay and need some credit, you can send a free message to a parent or friend. Just type *108*08xxxxxxxx# and send. This will generate a text message to your parent or friend asking them to top you up. All they have to do is phone 1743 free from their O2 phone and follow the simple instructions to give you some credit.

How does a US citizen help a friend in another country gain US citizenship and legally transfer her bank account information to a US bank?

Not a good Idea. When it comes to someone wanting bank account transfer, its usually fraudulent.

Can the secondary card holder of a joint credit card account cancel the account?

First of all you can just give a friend your username and password and stop playing!!!

Why do men have estrogen?

Balance, my friend... balance.

How can you send a neopet to a friend on the Neopets site?

You go to the pound and click on the transfer door, select the neopet then type in the friend's account name.

Can your one of your friends gift a game to you then you gift it to another friend on steam?

No, once a game is added to an account, it is non-transferable. The only way to transfer the game at that point would be to give the whole account.

How long does Smith Barney take to wire transfer money. My friend set up a wire transfer from his brokerage account to my WaMu checking account. Its been two weeks but the transfer has not hit yet?

Your friend is not telling the truth. All wires sent before the wire cut off time (different for different banks) are available the same day. All others are available the next business day. If he really sent a wire then he had your account number wrong and it went in someone elses account. You will need a copy of the wire instructions he gave the outgoing bank.

Can i send money from my bank in the Philippines to a friend that has bank of America account in Las Vegas?

Yes you can. The facility is called a wire transfer. You need to visit your bank in Philippines and submit a wire transfer request with details of your friends account in las Vegas and also the amount you wish to transfer. The Philippine bank that you are using may charge you a fee for this facility and money would reach your friends account the same day (in most cases)

Can you open a saveigs account for a friend?

No. You cannot open a savings account for your friend. Only the concerned person who wants the account can open the account. Proxy account opening is not allowed.

How do you get friend on this account?

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How do you get free credit on your vodafone?

Get your friend to send you credit with IOU buddy

Can you open a checking account with a friend?

yes it is possible to open an account with a friend. However, you should check with the bank that you are with.

Can you transfer books from nook to nook?

Well I think you can through your nook account if your nook is destroyed. Or do you mean let a friend borrow a book the answer is yes for most nook books.

How long direct deposit takes between IRS and bank?

If you requested your refund be direct deposited, it can be as quicly as 10 days after you file your return, or it may be longer. Most banks credit the account as soon as the ACH, which is the banking term for the direct deposit, is received at the bank. ACH's are electronic funds transfers. Think of it as sending an email with a cash value to a friend. The ACH will have specific directions on which account to credit, how much to credit, and on which date to credit it.

Can you transfer items onto different accounts on howrse?

Yes. You just have to add yourself as a friend, and then you can send stuff over to that account. You can only send one thing a week though.

How do you get your friend to give you an account?

Ask them to.

When determining the mass of your friend what do you use?

A mass balance.

What is journal entry when started business by borrowing cash from friend with interest 12 percent?

[Debit] Cash account xxxx [Credit] Capital xxxx Interest will paid after a year when it will due.

How do you transfer an album from your Facebook to a friends Facebook album?

With a little different approach, you can do exactly what you want to do: Your friend needs to create an Album (so your friend is the owner) and add you as a contributor. You can then upload all photo's to that album through your own account. You both have then access to the photo album, while your friend is the owner.

How do i remove friend from YouTube account?

all you need to do is go in your account go to their channel and on the left where it usualy says add friend it'll say remove friend its that simple