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yes anyone can make a payment on someones account if they know the account #

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The law is derived from three main sources what are they

If there is an erroneous payment then

These funds last 5 years have limited use and cannot pay for new obligations

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Q: Can your friend transfer balance from her account to pay off your credit card account?
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Can anyone help my friend with discover balance transfer?

Well Discover would be the type of credit card your friend has, and a balance transfer would be him paying off that credit card with another. He can contact Discover, or look on their website for more information.

Can you deposit cash into a friends bank account?

Yes, if you know the account number. You will get a receipt for the deposit, but it will not show you your friend's account balance.

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Were can you get a free cell phone without a credit card or bank account?

get one from a friend.

How do you transfer furniture from one habbo account to another one?

Ask a friend to be in your room. Trade the furni(s) with him/her. Log in with your other account then go to the room. Get the furni from the friend.

How do you get one of your facebook friends to be your Tetris friend?

Always remember that you cannot transfer your FB Friend into your Tetris friend. Your friend must have a Tetris account and then add him/her at Tetris

How is having a PayPal Business account different from having a PayPal Personal account?

A PayPal Business account allows one to accept credit or debit cards as payment for a low fee and allows up to 200 employees to have limited access to one's account. A personal PayPal account allows one to purchase things easily online as well as to transfer money to a friend's account.

How can you send a neopet to a friend on the Neopets site?

You go to the pound and click on the transfer door, select the neopet then type in the friend's account name.

Will making two accounts on Magistream get you banned?

I don't think so if you just transfer your first account to your second account..............maybe you get banned if they find out? Friend my accounts: mooncloud (shared with friend) TwilightFox (my own account, more active)

Can the secondary card holder of a joint credit card account cancel the account?

First of all you can just give a friend your username and password and stop playing!!!

How does a US citizen help a friend in another country gain US citizenship and legally transfer her bank account information to a US bank?

Not a good Idea. When it comes to someone wanting bank account transfer, its usually fraudulent.

How can you transfer your balance from o2 phone number to other o2 phone number?

If you're on Prepay and need some credit, you can send a free message to a parent or friend. Just type *108*08xxxxxxxx# and send. This will generate a text message to your parent or friend asking them to top you up. All they have to do is phone 1743 free from their O2 phone and follow the simple instructions to give you some credit.

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