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Sure, all you got to do is cop a plea, admit in open court with a court reporter present that you did what the DA said you did. Hay, I suspect that you are a grown boy; you are in the courtroom, you ought to have a lawyer, if you didn't nor dont it's because you did not really bother to even raise your voice, much less yell. (My personal opinion, is when in criminal situations, before the court and without a lawyer, to yell, and yell a's difficult in most states not to be legally represented by lawyers for felonies: of course, the accused has to do something: like show up for appointments, show up for court. Not being in court on an appointed date does not sit well with the mental condition of criminal judges in most states. Consider yourself lucky; voluntary manslaughter can carry a lot more punishment in most states. On the other hand: no trial, no lawyer, not court reporter, no bother to get real serious about the situation will do you in every time. And who says that there was no evidence? If iit's you still walking, you really need to get legal advice; retorical questions dont count for much in the sort of situation you are describing. Answer again: sure one can get two years for manslaughter, even if there is not evidence, and especially if the accused does not avail himself to the legal protections built into the system. Minor problem: this stuff does not do itself; the accused has to take some personal concern for the outcome.

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What is the penalty for involuntary manslaughter in Illinois?

2 -5 years

How many years does manslaughter serves in ri?

Six is the number of years that a manslaughter serves in RI.

How much time is involuntary manslaughter?

usually you can get up to 2 to 5 years in prison for involuntary manslaughter but if what you do is serious enough you can get up to 7 to 14 years in prison OPERATION CANTELOPE

How much time does involuntary manslaughter carry in Illinois?

2 - 5 years.

What is the different between voluntary and involuntary manslaughter?

In the case of voluntary manslaughter, there has to be enough evidence to show that the victim provoked the incident. In the case of involuntary manslaughter, evidence must be presented that the defendant did not have any intent to commit a homicide, but in that defendant's reckless act, the victim died.

What are the consequences for manslaughter?

Manslaughter can be either categorized as involuntary or voluntary. The punishment for manslaughter depends on the state and if the crime is involuntary or voluntary. For in Ohio voluntary manslaughter carries sentencing of three to eleven years.

How many years in prison for manslaughter in UK?

Manslaughter is the crime of accidentally killing someone. In the UK there is no specific amount of years in prison that you would get for it.

How many years in prison for voluntary manslaughter in Indiana?

10 years

What is the average sentence for manslaughter in the UK?

8 years.

What is the maximum sentence in Louisiana for manslaughter?

40 years

Is it always considered involuntary manslaughter if you hit an pedestrian?

Not necessarily, If evidence can be developed that the collision was intentional it could be charged as manslaughter. or even homicide. Or, if the pedestrian was at fault, there might not be any charge at all.

What is the difference between manlaughter 1 or 2?

Manslaughter one, and two, respectively, referred to the severity of the crime. Manslaughter one generally means voluntary manslaughter, while man two is involuntary manslaughter, the less severe of the two.

How many years will you spend in jail for manslaughter?

Depends what country you are in!

How many years in prison for manslaughter in Australia?

Up to life

What is the punishment for involuntary manslaughter in pa?

15 years recommended

How long can you go to jail for manslaughter?

5 to 20 years!

What is the average jail sentence for DUI manslaughter?

About 15 years

What is the normal sentencing for involuntary manslaughter?

It is five years for imprisonment.

What is the prsion sentence for involuntary manslaughter in Florida?

10 years

What is the punishment for involuntary manslaughter in indiana?

up to 8 years

What is the penalty in Missouri for vehicular manslaughter?

Vehicular Manslaughter in Missouri is a Class B felony. A Class B felony is punishable with a minimum sentence of 5 years & a maximum of 15 years.

What is the maximum sentence for DUI manslaughter?

It depends which state you are in as to what the maximum sentence for DUI manslaughter is. In the state of Florida the maximum sentence is 15 years in jail.

How many years do you serve for voluntary manslaughter in the state of Michigan?

15 years or $7,500 fine.

How many years do you serve in prison for aggravated manslaughter in Florida?

Between 10-15 years.

How many years is conrad Murray sentenced in jail?

He was sentenced to four years for involuntary manslaughter.