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Can your girlfriend be covered under your policy if she has no car insurance?


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She would have to put that person's name on the registration. The other person (or girlfriend) would have to pay for the insurance.

If your driver's license expires will you still be covered under your auto insurance policy?

Dentures are something that is generally covered under your Health Insurance policy.

No. It covered under a motorcycle policy.

No, Buildings under construction are covered under a builders policy. After the building or other structure is completed you can then schedule it on your homeowners insurance policy for coverage.

It depends on your insurance policy

No. Vehicles are covered under an Auto Insurance Policy, Not a Home Insurance Policy.

No, That would come under A "Watercraft Insurance Policy".

No. This is not a covered cause under a homeowners policy. This is something that was caused by the homeowners neglect which is not covered under the terms of the policy.

Yes, Garages both attached and detached are typically covered structures under your homeowners insurance policy.

No. Homeowners Insurance does not cover Domestic WorkersDomestic workers are covered under the Workers compensation insurance paid by the employer

Small business insurance is geared to industry so what is covered will depend on what industry you are in and which insurance company your policy is supplied from.

no animals are not covered property under HO policy

Usually not. Your apartment building will have a master insurance policy in which this is covered under liability. Now, if someone falls inside of your four walls of your apartment, you can cover this under your rental insurance liability portion of your policy. A normal insurance company can get you a policy usually pretty reasonably priced.

Assuming the teen is covered under the policy before she gets pregnant and the plan does not exclude pregnancy for all then yes.

That would depend on your insurance policy. Te covered perils are listed in your policy package under the heading "Covered Perils". You could review your coverage with you Insurance Agent for clarification.

Yes a furnace is covered property under a homeowners insurance policy. However, the key to whether the policy will pay for damage is the cause of the damage. This is always the key to coverage.

No, normal wear and tear of household furnishings and applicances is not a covered peril under a homeowners insurance policy.

Of course not. Scabies is a skin condition caused by a type of mite. There is not way that this would be covered under a homeowners insurance policy

its a gray area in the policy - but property of others would be covered at your request

No pet bites would be covered under your homeowners or renters insurance policy.

No. Fraud is not a covered peril under your home insurance policy. However, Many Home insurance policies do have coverage for certain kinds of theft.

Report this to your insurance agent. Depending on your policy it may be covered under some policy.

Tornadoes are already covered under the windstorm peril of your home insurance policy.

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