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yes she could get pregnent cuz theres always a possibility of it when you ejaculate in her vagina

Even if you didn't ejaculate, she could get pregnant if the intercourse was unprotected since the penis leaks semen prior to ejaculation ... and it only takes one healthy swimmer to do the deed.

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If your girlfriend is a minor and still their dependent then yes they can. The parents can do whatever it takes to protect their little girl from someone that would cause their little girl to get pregnant.

If the condom came of but the open end of it was outside the vagina there is little or no chance of getting pregnant.

Yes, there is very little needed to get pregnant, if it does happen, the excess will flow back out of the woman.

His girlfriend is pregnant and he needs to steal stuff and sell it, to pay for an abortion.

Yes!!!!! You can release sperm before you ejaculate. It doesn't mean that she is pregnant, maybe a little annoyed though.

sentence for a little way outside

Maya was Emily's girlfriend in Pretty Little Liars

i make out with my gf, and i had an ejeculation trough hand -job, and my sperm spilled on my hand, after that i wash it (not so properly) and wipe it with towel. after about 5 minutes, i do fingerin to her (without my fingger penetrate her vagina)... is there a possibility she'll get pregnant? Answer: Yes, but not very likely. Anyway, since a pregnancy is caused by semen getting into the vagina, be a little more careful next time.

Yes you can get pregnant because that meant the sperm went inside of your vagina for it to be dripping out. It takes only a little bit of sperm to get a girl pregnant. Net time let him wear a condom or start taking birth control. If the sperm drips from the penis and lands outside of the vagina, it would take an event close to a miracle to get pregnant. That being said, miracles can happen so why take the chance. Use protected sex!

With so little information the only two ways your girlfriend could have gotten pregnant is by having a sexual relationship with another man or being impregnated by donated sperm. It is not uncommon for a lesbian to change to bisexual or even heterosexual. You need to sit down with your girlfriend and be stern enough by asking her where your relationship is at and trust and loyalty is at the top of the list in a relationship.

It is possible that she could be pregnant if you had sperm on your fingers. She should take a pregnancy test if she misses her next period

My girlfriend was late on her period by almost a week, this frightened us a little because we thought she might have been pregnant, and we were not ready to have a baby together. Then she started again. We believe one of the reasons was she wasn't drinking enough water compared to the physical labor she was doing outside in the heat.

Can u get pregnant by one little drop of semen

Even a little bit of sperm in a woman's vagina can make her pregnant. Even indirect contact can be enough. For example: after sex, you take the condom off, and decide to stimulate your girlfriend with your hands. If some sperm got on your hands, this little bit could be enough to make her pregnant. Obviously, the odds of getting pregnant are greatly reduced if the amount is so small. But in theory, it is possible.

yes it is very possible that u can get pregnant because there is many of those little fellows and they can travel very far n very fast

stand up and face the consequences of your actions. people get hurt alot less if everyone is just honest and shows a little integrity.

Melissa was pregnant but she had a miscarriage

Surprise her with little things and remember little things.

It is possible.. however sperm does not survive for long outside the body. i heard sunlight damages it.

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