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I believe she can because no matter who you are in love with there are still other people out there in the world that are going to be physically attractive to you, but if shes truely in love with you then thats all it would be. Her mind wouldnt go past just thinking someones good looking. And right after that thought she should be thinking how good looking you are too. it's most likely that she can love her boyfriend and have a crush but the b/f usually wins the battle Yes, it is possible to have a crush on someone and love someone else, and in the end it will go away. Remember it is you she is with, not this other guy, she just feels a physical attraction to someone else which is perfectly normal.

Definatly in dangerous territory if someone has a crush but already has a girlfriend/boyfriend. A crush is an emotional feeling and could possibly lead to an even deeper feeling towards that crush. That then leads to imaginations of being with that person and could even cause you to lose interest with your current love. So it is better to rid of that feeling or not have that feeling at all in the first place. Besides, if you say you love that person then why would you leave space for another person in your heart and mind? Be open to your love if you suspect that she is falling for another. That may help to rid of the feelings.


Not if she told you she has a crush. That is a strong communication. Unless you let her go and try this dude, she is not going to know if she really wants to be with you.

She has declared independence from your relationship, by saying that. Read her clearly. She wants you to show yourself. If you love her, and you know she loves you, let her go and she will come back to you.

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Q: Can your girlfriend love you but have a crush on someone else and if yes will the crush fade?
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Can you love him but have a crush on someone else and if yes will the crush fade?

yes this is possible. this happens to people all the time. well first of all it depens how much u love the person and if you have this "crush" on someone hopefully it wiil fade because you know that you love someone else and that person is just a crush but you can keep telling yourself that all you want but there are different types of crushes that causes someone to cheat and nobody wants that to happen. right?

What do you do if your crush is dating someone?

I know it may be hard but you have to get over the crush. It may seem impossible now, but crushes eventually fade away. Don't worry when you least expect it you will get a great boyfriend/girlfriend.

What do you when a girl has a boyfriend and you like her?

Try to stop liking her... I know that may be a hard task, but what else can you do? Talk to her as a friend, and not a love interest. Eventually you won't have a crush on her, but that will fade within time.

How do fu?

Best thing to do if you have exausted all other options is to just find someone else. Distance yourself from that person for a while. Only then will the feeling fade.

How can you get over a crush?

well it takes time, but u can start getting into programs to get yourself distracted and to stop thinking about him/her ...and since its a crush it would probably fade away when you spot another cutie

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What do you do if the guy you are crushing on might have a girlfriend?

Crushes are harmless, even if he is taken. If he is available, make a move. If not, be friends.Answerif by crush you mean possibly love then... if you are siding with the devil on your shoulder, try and break them up and then comfort him until he falls in love with youif you are siding with angel then you just let it be and hope for the best for you. but if you are just crushing i wouldn't worry about it as it will fade very soon. but if it does turn to love, befriend him as well as you can and then when they break up (which if he just has a crush on her then it will fade and they WILL break up) then you can be the one to comfort him because by then, you friendship will be so strong he will come to you for help and see that you care for him which in turn can mean something close to love.

What if your girlfriend is sexy?

that's good for you but ask yourself this. are you going out because of her looks or personality. looks fade off but personality never does.

How do you end a crush on best friend?

Crushes are constantly changing, lasting only a few weeks or a months before another one takes place. If it's a "crush" eventually your fascination or interest in this particular person will gradually fade away.

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It probably means that you have a little crush but it's not big enough to count as actual love. You could try being friends cuz personality can be just as attractive as looks. Some people grow on you and become more intense and vice vers. Other little crushes just fade after a while. I would also recommend not asking them out just yet until your feelings are more definite to avoid breaking their heart

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