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Not legally. The legal age of majority in all but four states is 18. In Alabama and Nebraska it is 19, in Mississippi and Pennsylvania it is 21.

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Q: Can your girlfriend move in with you at 17?
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Can your girlfriend at 17 can move out with her boyfriend?

yes you could if your parents say its ok

Can a 17 year old lesbian move out with her 23 year old girlfriend?

Technically, yes.

Is it legal in Georgia for your girlfriend to move in with you and your parents if she is only 17?

Generally, no, not without her parents' permission. She is a minor.

My 16 year old girlfriend lives in louisiana and her mom said shes gojng to kick her out on her 17th birthday can she move in with me and my family in Oklahoma?

If your girlfriend is 17 years old and has no place to live then she can move in with you or whomever she wants to.

Is it weird if im 17 and have never had a girlfriend?

No. It is not weird to be 17 and never had a girlfriend.

Can your pregnant 17-year-old girlfriend move out of her parents' home in Vermont?

With parental permission she can move out. Pregnancy does not relieve one of the burden of being a minor.

How do you ask your girlfriend to move in?

Do you want to move in with

Can a mans mother get in trouble if she lets his 17 year old girlfriend move in with them?

Could depend on what state you live in but 17 years old may be legal age of consent.

How old is Jesse McCartney girlfriend?

his girlfriend is 17

How can a 17 year old boy move out in Arkansas with 18 year old girlfriend?

yes because they are one year apart.

In New Jersey Can a 17-year-old male leave home to live with his girlfriend without his parents' consent but with his girlfriend's parents' consent to move in with her?

No, he needs parental consent until he is 18.

Can a 15 year old move in with a 17 year old girlfriend and her mother?

yes. if there are 3 years of difference then its concidered being a rapist

What if a 17 yr old was emancipated and wanted to move in with hisher boyfriend or girlfriend?

They are emancipated and can live where they wish. They are responsible for their own housing and sustinance.

Can a 17 year old male move in with his girlfriend if she is pregnant?

If you're in the US, no. Getting someone pregnant does not give you any "adulthood" rights.

Can your girlfriend on Grand Theft Auto 4 move in with you?

No, your girlfriend on grand theft auto 4 can't move in with you.

Getting your girlfriend to move out of your house?

In order to get your girlfriend to move out of your house, you will have to evict her if she is not willing to move. Give her written notice that you want her to move, you can then go to court to stat eviction proceedings.

Can you move out at age 17 in Louisiana?

can you move out at 17 teen yes

Can a 17 year old boy live with his 15 year old girlfriend in nc?

If your parents allow you to move out and her parents allow you to move in you can but you can not have sex until she is 16 which is the age fo consent in NC.

Could a 17 year old boy get in trouble if he gets his girlfriend pregnant in Missouri?

Depends on how old the girlfriend is. The age of consent is 17 there.

If you are 17 and you have your fiance pregnant at 16 are you allow to move in with her parents without having to return back home in NY?

No, you're not. Getting your girlfriend pregnant does not emancipate you.

Can a 17 year old girl living in California move to Texas without her parents permission to live with her girlfriend?

no by cali laws- you would be considered a runaway

Does shaun maloney have a girlfriend?

Yes, he does have a girlfriend. Since before his move to Birmingham.

Can a 17 year old move out of his parents house to live with his girlfriend and her parents?

Yes you are allowed to move out of home at the age of 17... At the age of 17 you are classed as an adult under the criminal law, so if you are 17 and you commit a crime you are treated as an adult... So therefore yes you are old enough to move out of home... Actually, it depends on where you live. In the US most states say you are not a legal adult till you are 18 years old. Your parents have custody of you untill that time. So unless they allow you to move in with your girlfriend's parents then you can't. If I were the girlfriend's parent I wouldn't want to be responsible for someone else's teenager nor would I want my teenage daughter to have a live in relationship yet. That's a big resposibilty and big game changer for even a strong relationship at any age.

What do you do if your girlfriend stops loving you?

move on

Can you move out when you're 17 if your parents consent?

yes if you have parents consent you can move out at 17

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