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No your insides CANNOT and WILL NOT explode if you smoke weed. Whoever told you that was clearly high or messing with your head. Weed is relatively safe. Unless if a pump is hooked up to your mouth and pumps smoke into your lungs until they rupture, no organs will be expoding.

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How much weed could a poop moose smoke if a poop moose could smoke weed?


How much weed do you have to smoke in order to hallucinate?

Weed (marijuana) is not a hallucinogen.

Who smoke your weed?

You smoke my weed!

How much weed can you smoke before testing positive?

it doesnt matter how much you smoke. as soon as you smoke it, its in your system.

How high do you get of weed?

it depends on how much you smoke.

How much weed does wiz khalifa smoke?

he spends an average of about $10,000 a month on weed

How much THC is in your body when you smoke weed?

I think you have been smoking too much weed.How can anybody answer this question when nobody knows how much weed you have smoked.How much THC is in your body will depend on how much weed you have smoked.

What are the chances to get pregnant with a man smoking weed everyday?

Just as much as if he didn't smoke weed.

How much weed can you have in a Florida home?

hey hey hey smoke weed every day

Does Mitchel Musso smoke weed?

no he doesnt smoke weed

How do you get higher when you smoke weed?

Dont smoke weed or be square

How can you get medicated to smoke weed?

You can get medicated to smoke weed if you have glacoma.

Does nuri smoke weed?

yes she smoke alot of weed.

How many deaths from weed?

no one died yet from an OD weed (it's impossible to smoke that much weed, you would rather choke on the smoke itself) only in combination with alcohol or other drugs weed can be dangerous

How long does it take to get weed out of your body?

Depends how much you smoke

How much weed does Snoop Dogg smoke a day?

a lot

How much weed do wiz khalifa smoke a month?


How much weed can you smoke untl you die?

no one has died from smoking weed and no one will ever die from smoking mean green so smoke as much as u want peace.

How much weed do you have to smoke to fail a drug test?

All u need to smoke is a dime

Can you smoke weed buds?

That's the part of weed your supposed to smoke.

What happens if you smoke weed before court?

don't smoke weed

How much weed do you have to smoke to have it in your blood?

any amount you smoke will be in your blood even a simple bowl pack

Can you take aspirin and still smoke weed?

How bout, don't smoke weed?

How long after smoking weed is your urine clean?

generally it takes about a month to clean weed out of your system, yet it all depends on how much you smoke and how often you smoke that amount.

How long do you stay high when you smoke weed?

ypu should not smoke weed in the first place you crach head