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Certainly in the UK it can. I believe you need to give permission for it unless there is a court order give in which case there is nothing you can do about it. I think there is a maximum that they can take however. All to do with the bare minimum you need to live on.

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Q: Can your paycheck be garnished if you have a collection account?
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In Georgia can your check be garnished if you are an independent contractor?

If you are an independent contractor in Georgia, you should not have a regular paycheck that can be garnished. If you have a regular paycheck from one specific employer and taxes are taken out, it can be garnished.

How much can be garnished out of a paycheck?


When was Paycheck - collection - created?

Paycheck - collection - was created in 2003.

If you owe restitution will they take your taxes?

can a personal person take a tax refund from my bank account if they are already getting my paycheck garnished

How many pages does Paycheck - collection - have?

Paycheck - collection - has 312 pages.

How much can your paycheck be garnished if minimum wage is 8.25 per hour and you only work 16 hours a week?

Yes, your paycheck can be garnished as long as you make a living. It is unlikely that the entirety of your paycheck will be taken but it depends on what the debt is for.

BF won a judgment against you for a collection The collection company has garnished your checking account you cannot pay bills or anything your account is frozen This is causing you a financial hard?

Sounds like Karma to me.....

What is the meaning of garnished account?

A garnished account is an account that has been levied. Many accounts are garnished as a result of past due taxes or child support.

What is the ISBN of Paycheck collection?

The ISBN of Paycheck - collection - is 0-575-07001-3.

How much of your paycheck can be garnished for a federal student loan in Texas?

The Federal guideline is 15-25% of your paycheck.

Can you paycheck be garnished on a reposed vehicle?

yes you canyes you canyes you can

Can a minor's bank acct be garnished?

No, a minors bank account can not be garnished, if they are the only person on the account. If this is a joint account and the non-minor is subject to a judgment then it can be levied or garnished.

Can a whole paycheck be garnished?

yes. Sometimes you can get part of it, if you talk to the creditor.

Can a bank account be garnished if the name is different on the judgemnet?

yes a bank account can be garnished if the name is different

Can your paycheck be garnished without you being notified first?

Yes, your paycheck can be garnished without being notified. I was devastated when I received my paycheck and behold I had been garnished. (garnishment May 2010) In the state of Georgia incur Deduction of 25% of my gross income. I had judicial lien from creditor (which I don't recall) since 2006. Also, shown on my credit report this account as being charged off in 2003. In result of being garnished, it has cause an tremendous economic burden and hardship on me. Best thing, I would suggest always check your credit report!

Can 75 percent of your paycheck be garnished in California?

Certainly! With chopped parsley, sir?

How do you use garnished in a sentence?

The collection agency garnished my pay wage in order to pay my debt.

Can your checking account be garnished without wages coming in?

if you account is being garnished you would have an order from the court in your area.. Unless it Federal

Can the spouse be garnished?

in the state of Georgia, can a spouse wages be garnished if they are no longer together and is not on the account?

If you live and work in Pennsylvania but your paycheck comes from New York can your wages still be garnished?


Can money be garnished from your business bank account for a shortage on foreclosure?

Whether your money can be garnished depends on the type of business you have. If you have a corporation, your personal liabilities are separate from your business liabilities, which means your corporation's bank account will not be garnished.

What percentage of wages are garnished for auto debt in Louisiana?

They can attach your whole paycheck. Then, you have to go talk to them and promise to pay so they will lift the garnishment. Otherwise, the get your next paycheck.

Can your paycheck be garnished if you live in Oklahoma but work in Texas?

sadly yes. They will find you based on your social securtiy number.

Bank account frozen from garnishment by debt collection agency for credit card. The account only has SSI and SSD deposits. Garmishment was released by the court. Who's responsible for returning fund?

If your account was garnished by a govt agency(i.e. the IRS). Then the IRS needs to put that money back into your account not the bank.

Can my bank account be garnished?

Yea. But I think if you have another persions name on it a co owner, they can't bother it. Yes, your bank account can be garnished if you owe child support.