Can your son-in-law have your vehicle repoed even if you have been paying him every month the agreed amount and sometimes more?


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2015-07-15 18:37:40
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Maam, if its a personal disagreement between you and SIL, your best option is go borrow enough to pay him off ASAP. Some relatives dont make good lenders. Did you sign a contract of any sort? If so, did it have any clause pertaining to DEFAULT? Legally, you have to be in default to be repossessed. Good Luck


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No it does not, that counts again as a sale exchange, so long as the full amount of debt do the lender has been paid back. A reposession is when you are unable to fulfill your agreed upon contract (paying your debts as agreed) the lender will then Repossess the "goods" and resell them for what it left on the loan to equal out the debts. However in the case of "goods" that depreciate in value (like a vehicle) sometimes they are resold for less than the loan is, and you can owe money on the vehicle still.

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I guess the lender could make a mistake on the amount and have to correct themelves. Verbally abuse you?? NOT. Call a local attorney for state specific advise.

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Amount owed on vehicle- unless vehicle is damaged then they can auction to the highest bidder

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It's an agreed amount of insulin.

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