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If it's a pregnancy test the answer is no, A test can come back negative even though its positive. But if it's positive, it's positive 99% of the time.

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Q: Can your test come out positive then negative?
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Can a positive pregnancy test turn negative?

No , but a negative test can be a false positive .

Can a pregnancy test come up negative even if it might be positive?


Does a negative or a positive result come back quicker on a paternity test?


Is it possible to get syphilis test results both positive and negative?

It is not possible with 1 test to have both positive and negative. It is possible, but NOT likely, to get a false positive or false negative on a test.

Can you test positive and test negative at the er?

It is possible to have inconclusive test results, but not to test both positive and negative at the same time.

When you add a positive with a negative does it come out positive or negative?

Its negative

Is Justin biebers DNA test come through negative or positive?

When Justin Bieber's DNA test came through, it came out negative. He also took a paturnity test. it also came out negative.

Can you have a negative test and then have positive test for chlamydia?

Yes, you can have a negative, then positive, test for chlamydia if you are newly infected or if one of the tests is wrong.

Does Sarcina test positive or negative for the voges-proskauer test?


Your torch test is positive what is the treatment of torch test is negative?

There are only two results you can get on a torch test and that is positive and negative. A negative requires no treatment since it's normal.

If you are HIV positive is there a way you can do to test negative for a job?

It would be almost impossible to test negative if a person is HIV positive.

Biochemical test results for bacillus anthracis?

Indole : Negative Catalase : Positive Starch Hydrolysis: Positive VP Test: Positive Urease: Negative Nitrate Reductase : Positive Gelatinase: Positive

Carbohydrate test for bacillus subtilis is it positive or negative?

yes it is positive for carbohydrate test

Negative pregnancy test but urinated on it again and it went positive?

This happened to me when I got pregnant with my third child. The first test was negative and the second positive. From what I understand, a pregnancy test can give a false negative but rarely gives a false positive.

Did Justin DNA test come out positive or negative?

He didn't take it. When Mariah Yeater heard he agreed to take the test she dropped the claims.

Can you take a preg test one day and it comes out negative and the next day come out positive?

Of course, go take another test!

Which metals attract as opposed to repel?

All of the metals attract and repel, but if a: negative and positive come together= attract positve and a negative come together= attract negative and negative come together= repel positive and positive come together= repel

How can a person be HIV positive but test negative?

No test is 100% accurate. It is called a false negative.

Can you test negative for chlamydia if you have HIV?

Yes; a HIV positive person can test negative for chlamydia.

When a positive and a negative are being multipied does it come out positive?

no, negative....if you multiply two negatives it comes out positive

Is Micrococcus roseus positive or negative with the urea broth test?


What is the Lactose fermentation test of bacillus cereus positive or negative?


What is the Glucose fermentation test of bacillus cereus positive or negative?


What is the sucrose fermentation test of bacillus cereus positive or negative?


Could you be pregnant when you took 3 test that said negative but still haven't come on your period?

most definitely yes. You can be pregnant and still have a negative test. If you do get a positive test though it is rarely wrong and means you are pregnant.