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Wisdom teeth do not necessarily crowd teeth. Some people who have had their wisdom teeth removed still get crowding, while others that still have their third molars erupted or impacted do not have crooked teeth.

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wisdom teeth do not cause crooked teeth

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Q: Can your wisdom teeth cause crooked teeth?
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Do you have to get your wisdom teeth out?

Not if you don't mind crooked teeth.

My teeth are crooked and crowded because my wisdom teeth are impacted. Will my teeth go back after getting my wisdom teeth removed?

No, go to the orthodontists after the wisdom teeth are out.

If wisdom teeth cause your teeth to get crooked Do your teeth get straight after you get your wisdom teeth extractions?

Not necessarily. Teeth tend to become more crowed as we age, especially the lower front teeth. This happens in some people regardless of whether they have wisdom teeth or not. Therefore, removing the wisdom teeth, solely for the purpose of hoping to get naturally straighter teeth, won't work.

Will your teeth be straight after pulling wisdom teeth?

No! At no time will you be without teeth. You will be able to eat, talk and function throughout the course of treatment. And there will be no distinguishable facial changes.

How long do you have to wear braces from your teeth getting crooked from wisdom teeth?

Dentists will usually tell you you'll need to get your wisdom teeth out before that happens.

How do you make your wisdom teeth grow straight when there is no second molar?

Unfortunately, there is no way to "make" your wisdom teeth grow in straight. If your other teeth are straight, then they may grow in straight. If you have a tendency towards crooked teeth, they they may grow crooked too. The good news is that not everyone has to have them removed if they grow in crooked. If there is sufficient room and they will not cause problems with the other teeth, they may not have to be removed. With no 2nd molar, there might be enough room that they do not have to be removed. The best person to make this determination is your dentist.

Can wisdom teeth cause other forward teeth to become cracked by pressure?

No, that can't really happen. Teeth can get cracked my a number of different things.NoIt is very unlikely that front teeth get cracked due to pressure caussed by wisdom teeth. Usually it takes a trauma to crack a tooth. NOalthough they cannot crack your teeth, they WILL cause pressure and cause your other teeth pain and make them crooked

If you are eleven and you are going to get braces is there any danger if your wisdom teeth are beginning to come in?

Your orthodontist should be able to answer this question. In some cases, there is enough room for your wisdom teeth to come in without overcrowding. There shouldn't be any real "danger" except that they may cause your teeth to become crooked which is why most people have them removed eventually.

Can erupting wisdom teeth cause pain in neighboring tooth?

Yes, wisdom teeth coming in can cause headaches and soar throats too.

Does the absence of wisdom teeth cause other teeth to space out?


Do your front teeth get affectd by your wisdom teeth?

If the wisdom teeth are impacted on your top or bottom row of teeth, they could cause discomfort and push roots of other teeth together.

Can wisdom teeth cause enlarged lymph nodes or an enlarged spleen?

I had an enlarged spleen and enlarged lymph nodes and it turned out that I had Mono. I don't think your "spleen" has anything to do with your wisdom teeth coming in. But, in uncommon cases, infection to your wisdom teeth can sometimes cause enlarged lymph nodes, but only if the teeth are "impacted". A dental impaction is where an unearthed tooth is growing in crooked underneath the gumline. This also causes other dental problems such as crooked teeth. If the lymph nodes your are referring to are painless and are swelling with other symptoms, then you might have a serious condition, which also means you need to see a doctor immediately. The swelling in the lymph nodes in your neck are the ones to swell if your teeth are infected from an impaction. Also, only the lower teeth can cause lymph node swelling in your neck. The nodes will be tender, moveable, and causing pain in any way. Any kind of severe infection in your mouth, including a wisdom tooth infection, can cause your lymph nodes to become larger. The spleen should not be directly affected though.

Why do british have crooked teeth?

Not all of British people have crooked teeth. The British people that did have crooked teeth were because they did not care of them.

Can wisdom teeth cause dizziness?


Your teeth are slightly crooked do you need braces?

if you are over 20, probably not. however, if you are still growing or you have wisdom teeth coming in, yes. teeth shift around a lot as you go through growth spurts, and the more crooked they are, the harder to clean, and the chances you have of getting cavities or gingivitis increase significantly.

Why do you need to remove the wisdom teeth?

Because sometimes you don't have enough room in your mouth for them. And sometimes, if they were allowed to grow in, they would push your other teeth out of the way and make them crooked.

Can impacted and partially impacted wisdom teeth cause facial spasms?

Not as far as i know. I had all 4 of wisdom teeth impacted and i wasnt having facial spasms. If your wisdom teeth are impacted, you need to get them extracted as soon as possible

Can wisdom teeth cause problems such as swallowing and tightness in the throat?

Wisdom teeth coming in does not normally cause swelling or tightness in the throat. The most common side effect is a sore jaw.

Can impacted wisdom teeth cause ringing in your ears?

I just had 4 of my wisdom teeth removed and have only just started experiencing tinnitus.

Do I need to have my wisdom teeth pulled if they don't hurt?

Wisdom teeth do not need to be pulled when: 1) there is room in your mouth for them; 2) they are not stuck under the skin (impacted); 3) they are healthy. But most people do not have enough room in their mouths so the teeth grow behind or crooked and/or they get impacted and cannot grow out.

Do you have to get your wisdom teeth pull out?

It can move your permanat teeth out of place and they can cause a lot of pain

What effects your teeth?

Hard candy can cause you to chip your teeth, smoking can cause tar build up and yellowness, opening cans bottles or anything that has to do with force can ruin your teeth, sucking your thum can cause you buck teeth in the future also make your teeth crooked

Why is wisdom tooth bad?

Wisdom teeth are not necessarily bad. They do, however, frequently cause crowding in the mouth, forcing the molars forward resulting in crooked teeth. They can also become impacted or fail to fully erupt (emerge through the gums), causing discomfort and potential for decay or gum disease. Dentists often recommend removal of wisdom teeth in younger people if problems are foreseen; if you make it through your twenties with no troubles, you'll most likely be fine. If you have any issues with any of your wisdom teeth, most dentists will recommend removal of all four, as asymmetry in the mouth can result in other problems. By all accounts, extraction of the wisdom teeth kind of sucks.

Why do you have to have your wisdom teeth extracted when they come in?

Wisdom teeth should be extracted when they push and damage the 7th tooth while they grow, also when they develop a cyst or cause an infection, and wisdom teeth are removed if they're causing problems with prosthesis. Here's an interesting video about wisdom tooth extraction.

Can wisdom teeth cause vomiting and body soreness?

I don't think wisdom teeth can do that. I've haven't got wisdom teeth yet but that never happened to my parents so maybe if you are getting that you should see a doctor and/or a dentist.