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Yes, cardiovascular Fitness is a great way to lose weight, and it is an important part of working out and losing weight. It is almost like aerobic exercise, if not the same. I think you do more intense workouts.

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Q: Cardiovascular Fitness for those who are trying to loose weight.?
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Is dance good for you?

yes, it can improve your mucles,burn calories loose weight, and have a healthier cardiovascular heath (:

How long does it take to loese 4 stone?

it depends on how frequent and intense your fitness regine and your diet is. It also depends on many other factors like how strong you are mentally and how sensible you are while trying to loose weight.

Hi you are trying to loose a stone but tried so many diets and go to the gym but im not losing any weight you don't know what to do an when i don't loose it you also loose motivation and pig out?

Have you tried Weight Watchers? They can help you.

Can you fast in early pregnancy?

You should never fast or trying to loose weight during the pregnancy.

Is Anaerobic exercise and cardio exercise the same thing?

Yes they are both a good way to loose weight quickly and are both good for muscular endurance and cardiovascular endurance.

Is it bad to check your weight every day?

If your trying to loose weight and you find checking your weight sometimes is disappointing then yes this is a bad thing, generally your body is trying to regulate the different change in life style you are giving your body so at some points you might gain a pound and other days you could loose weight its all in your personal perspective.

Does the 'life fitness treadmill' help you be fit?

Yes, the life fitness treadmill can help you get fit by running on it until you sweat so much and that means you are burning calories and burning fat away so you loose weight.

Do iron pills cause weight loss?

No. But if you are a woman and are trying to loose weight it is a good idea to take iron pills just to keep your levels up.

Can trying to gain weight lead to a eating disorder?

Yes it can. If you start counting calories it's easy to get obsessed by it. In order to gain weight, or loose it, you don't need to do that.

Why is it important to follow a wight loss meal plan when losing weight?

How many calories you consume per day is very important when you are trying to loose weight. If you follow a weight loss meal plan it will help you keep track of how many calories a day you are consuming and make it much easier and faster to loose weight.

How do you loss weight quick and easy?

You can eat whatever you want but only eat small portions. But if your trying to loose weight i highly dought that you would be eating junk food.

How many carbohydrates a day should 57 year old woman consume to lose weight?

I am trying to loose weight how many carbs should I limit myself to daily?