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If I'm not mistaken, you must be talking abo ut the hammer bros in Mario.
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Cartoon characters names?

Daffy Duck-Elmer Fudd-Porky Pig-Yosemite Sam-Tweety-Mama Bear-Sylvester-Foghorn Leghorn-Goofy Gophers-The Road Runner-Wile E. Coyote-Speedy Gonzales-Marvin the Martian-Marc Antony-Sam Sheepdog - and others .

Is it normal to be attracted to a cartoon character?

Absolutely, I know lots of guys who fell for Jessica Rabbit. I mean, she was sexy as hell, how could you not! Answer2 Sure! That's why they have things like yaoi and hentai. It doesn't mean you aren't attracted to real people too. Besides, some cartoons are really sexy!

Cartoon character with L?

Larry the cucumber (veggie tales) Lenny Homer Simpson's black-haired alcoholic friend He also has an African American friend

Cartoon characters that begin with c?

Captain America, Captain Marvel, Care Bears, Casper the Friendly Ghost, Cathy, Charlie Brown, The Chipmunks, Clifford the Big Red Dog and Wile E. Coyote are cartoon characters. They begin with the letter C.

Which cartoon characters begin with K?

Kabuto (Pokemon) . Kabutops (Pokemon) . Kadabra (Pokemon) . Kai is the character in the series of beyblade . Kakuna (Pokemon) . Kanga from Winnie the Pooh (mother to Roo) . Kangaskhan (Pokemon) . Karate (from 'Batfink') . Karrablast (Pokemon) . Ka the snake from The Jungle Book . ( Full Answer )

Who created The Punisher cartoon character?

The Punisher was created by writer Gerry Conway originally drawn by John Romita Sr. The Punisher debuted in The Amazing Spider-Man, #129 published in 1974.

Cartoon character named Brain?

Brains ( plural) was a character on the animated series Thunderbirds. He wore specs and was an engineer. He was responsible for the design and maintenance of most of the Thunderbird vehicles, and significantly, was NOT a member of the Tracy family. That"s the only one I can think of, pun intended, d ( Full Answer )

Cartoon characters that start with h?

He-Man , Hercules , Hagar , Halo Jones , Hawkman , Hawkeye , Hellboy , Hellcat , Huey , Huckleberry , Howard , Heathcliff , Hector , Horton , Herman , Hogan , Homer ,

Which cartoon characters begin with L?

L'il Jinx (Archie Comics) Lairon (Pokemon) Lampent (Pokemon) Lana Lang Lance from Pokemon Landorus (Pokemon) Lanturn (Pokemon) Lapras (Pokemon) Larry the lobster from SpongeBob Larvesta (Pokemon) Larvitar (Pokemon) Latias (Pokemon) Latios (Pokemon) Leafeon (Pokemon) Leavanny (Pokemon) Ledian (Pokemo ( Full Answer )

What cartoon characters are the color orange?

There are several orange cartoon characters. Garfield - He started at a lazy orange cat in a comic strip, but later had his own cartoon series. Nemo - A little clown fish who got lost. His dad, Marlin (another orange fish) had to rescue him. Annoying Orange - Internet cartoon citrus fruit. ( Full Answer )

Cartoon characters names that are french?

Pepe le Pew ( a Skunk, no not Veronique !) If you alliow for colonial French, Morocco Mole ( allegedly voiced by Peter Lorre) in Secret Squirrel. Mole is a slang term for an infiltrant or counter-spy, so it is a good cover. The Aristo-cats and Aristo-Kitties seem to be in part French. now to head so ( Full Answer )

Who was the first cartoon character ever?

It may be MIKEYMOUSE who was invented by Walt Disney.. That would be a plausable answer, if there wasn't a cartoon character BEFORE Mickey Mouse that was created by Walt Disney. Oswald the Lucky Rabbit was the first Disney cartoon character. He was created under Universal Studios, who later took ( Full Answer )

You love a cartoon character what should you do?

depends on what u mean..."what should you do" not really understanding the ?! by "what should you do" do you mean should you support your love or not? if so yes you should if you don't mind expressing your love through clothing or such I'm in love with sasuke and i don't care and to support my love ( Full Answer )

What are the names of the characters in the cartoon Underdog?

Underdog/Shoeshine Boy, Sweet Polly Purebread, Klondike Kat, Major Minor, Running Board, Ruffled Feather, Sergeant Okey Homa, Colonel Kit Coyote, The Hunter, Officer Flim Flanagan, The Fox, Commander McBragg, Stanley Livingston.

Who is the coolest cartoon character?

The best cartoon character is a tie of: Daffy Duck, Marvin The Martian, Spongebob, Roadrunner, Tom fom tom and Jerry, and the Tazmanian Devil.

Why am I in love wih a cartoon character?

The reason why you are in love with this character is because, you suffer from a rare disorder known as Cartoonis Lovis. Basically, you have a love for animated charactures. The only way to cure said disorder is to, seize viewing these cartoons. -Dr. Jacoby Mcintyre MD University of Phoneix

What was the 1st cartoon character?

Depends on the criteria of the question... the first cartoon character ever drawn? first animated character? first on TV? first in motion pictures? And from which country? America, England, China ... Literally the first character has been lost to history but certainly one of the first American ( Full Answer )

Popular cartoon characters of the 1920s?

Walt Disney came up with the idea of cartoon character in 1923 and "oswald the lucky rabbit" was born. then in 1928 ,mickey mouse came into existence in a black and white cartoon called " steamboat willie" and gradually mickey's popularity rose to heights.

Who are some cartoon characters?

There are literally thousands of cartoon characters but somenotable ones are ... . Peter Griffin . Stewie Griffin . Brian Griffin . Homer Simpson . Bart Simpson . Betty Rubble . Wilma Flintstone . Barney Rubble . Fred Flintstone . George Jetson . Astro . Mickey Mouse . Dona ( Full Answer )

What is the weight of the hammer in the boys hammer throw?

4kg for under 15 years of age, as of 30th September in year of competition, 5kg for under 17 years of age, as of 30th September in year of competition, 6kg for under 20 years of age on the 31st of December in the year of competion.

Can you love a cartoon character?

when you love cartoon character you become more than you love human being because of that character more beautiful than others.

Who is the cartoon character known as blockhead?

If you mean 'The Blockheads' , the two are mischievous characters from 'Gumby' . There is also a webcomic by Michael Swain titled 'Blockhead' . Charlie Brown was regularly called a blockhead by the other characters of Peanuts

What cartoon characters had children in the cartoon?

Family type cartoons were, like Family sitcoms- about family lifeincluding children. These could include Flintstones, Jetsons,Patridge family in outer space, and cartoon modifications of suchlive-action staples as Dennis The Menace. ( Dennis has hit for thecycle- comic strip ( Hank Ketcham), comic b ( Full Answer )

Who is the founder of cartoon characters?

Your question cannot be answered, no single person created cartooncharacters. Please edit your question if you're referring to specificcharacters.

When did cartoon characters start?

One of the first successful animated cartoons was "Gertie the Dinosaur" in 1914 by Winsor McCay.She is considered the first real cartoon.

Who are the McDonald's cartoon characters?

Ronald McDonald, Grimace, Hamburglar, Birdie the Early Bird, Fry Kids, Mayor McCheese, Officer Big Mac, Captain Crook, The Professor, The Hamburger Patch, Uncle O'Grimacey, The Happy Meal Gang, The McNugget Buddies, CosMc, Bernice, Vulture, Iam Hungry, Griddler and Mike the Microphone.

Was there a TV cartoon with WWF characters?

Yes , "WWE - Hulk Hogan's Rock'N Wrestling" featured many of the WWF performers such as Andre the Giant -Junkyard Dog -Hillbilly Jim- Tito Santana- Jimmy Superfly Snuka =Capt. Lou Albano -Wendi Richter-Roddy Piper- Big John Studd -the Iron Sheik- Nikolai Volkoff 0-the Fabulous Moolah and Mr. Fuji .

What cartoon character was named after a planet?

The answer is probably supposed to be Pluto. However, while Pluto was thought to be a planet at the time, it's now known that it isn't actually a planet but rather a dwarf planet.

What cartoon character is silly and funny?

GIR. A little robot dressed in a green dog suit previously the companion of Zim before the show Invader Zim was canceled, was both funny, silly, and just plain adorable.

What are the character cartoons for Spain?

dora de explorer because she speaks sometimes spain so that spaniards will know how to speak and understand english because dora doesn't realy speaks spain.] .

How do you mail something to Cartoon Network?

i want mail on cartoon network india site maneger i want tell to his plz watch cartoon network 's old programms byblade old, pokemon, teenege mutant ninja turtols , the mask , samurai jack , and etc. plz not watch chotta bhim and any other indian cartoon's his boringgg plz

Which cartoon characters begin with Q?

Q-Bert * Quest, Johnny * Quest, Dr. Benton * Quail Man (Doug) * Quagmire, Glenn (Family Guy) * Quincy (Mr Magoo) * Quick Draw McGraw * Quintessence

Who are the characters in the Family Guy cartoon?

Family guy is about a familiy, consisting of 6 people. The main character (THE family guy) is Peter Griffin. He has a daugter, Meg, and two sons, Chris and Stewie. He also has a wife, called Lois and a dog called Brian. In all of the episodes, however, there are ALWAYS different characters involved, ( Full Answer )

What is the cartoon character Qauilman?

He is an alter-ego from the imagination of the main character "Doug", from the American cartoon, "Doug." In the show, he imagines himself to be a super-hero, having his dog as a side-kick. Both of them wear belts as headbands and a red cape as their superhero disguise. However, only Doug is wearing ( Full Answer )

Who is the cartoon character Tsunade?

The cartoon character "Tsunade" appears in the anime and manga series Naruto.She appears to be a youthful young woman but is in reality an old woman who has the power to keep a young looking appearance.

What cartoon marvel character is Wong?

Wong has the appearance of a Chinese monk in the Marvel universe. He first appeared in 1963 but his name and role in the comics would not be revealed until 1966.

What cartoon had a character named Jaga?

Jaga was one of the main characters on the 1980s cartoon ThunderCats. The character was voiced by Earl Hammond in the original series. The character also featured in the 2011 remake of the cartoon.

Which characters are in the Pinky and the Brain cartoon?

Besides Pinky and the Brain, the show stars a hamster called Snowball, mice called Billie and Larry, and a race horse called Pharfignewton. Other characters have also made small appearances on the show.