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Cat Skin Care Why would my cat have extremley dry skin to the point where she licks herself till she bleeds All the Vets do is give her a cortizone shot which only works for a short time.PLEASE HELP?

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January 20, 2009 4:22PM

It isn't uncommon for cats to have skin conditions and some

worse than others. When vets give cortisone to a cat it's as much

as saying "we don't know what it is so we'll at least alleviate the

irritation for the cat." Cortisone is not good to take on a steady

basis and it's similar to a human having to take it. It is merely a

band-aid for your cat and not getting to the root of the problem.

Here are some insights into cat skin disorders that I've researched

off vet websites: PYODERMA: I is when the cat has a painful skin

condition and you see pus and other signs of infection on or

beneath the skin. Fleas: Cats can be allergic to fleas! The cat

will scratch in such a frenzy that it can cause skin problems and

hair loss. * ** FOOD ALLERGIES: Severe itching over the head, neck

and back. Swelling eyelids (not always). Often complicated by hair

loss and oozing sores fro constant scratching and biting. Cat can

also get Yeast problems! Eczema: May often be a symptom of a

disorder, rather than a disease in itself. It has long been a

controversial skin condition, affecting both humans and animals and

has various causes among them ... faulty diet, allergy, hormone

imbalance, external parasites, kidney ailments and vitamin

deficiencies. The symptoms of Eczema including itching, pustules,

bloody discharge, scabs and dandruff. These are also symptoms of

other skin conditions and it is very easy to confuse Eczema with

mange and ringworm. The treatment depends upon the cause, which may

take some time to discover. WHAT DO I DO AFTER SEEING SO MANY VETS:

Traditional veterinary medicine does not offer a good solution to

this problem. And dogs and other animals suffer the same kinds of

skin diseases. While cortisone, prednisone and other steroids, or

even antihistamines, can offer some temporary relief, the disease

remains active and will continue to plague your pet until you

eliminate the cause of the itching. There are commercial products

available that are very successful in eliminating skin disease,

from dandruff to to itchy scabs to full blown mange. If there's a

bacterium or other parasite involved, use a product like DERMagic

Hot Spot Lotion to treat this. We have seen immediate results with

this product, available in pet stores or on-line. Meanwhile vacuum

every single day. Be careful what sprays you may use to freshen up

your house (these are not only not good for pets, but not good for

children or pets. Air out your house often and if you are in an

apartment then air out the apartment (put a screen up on the window

if possible so your cat can't get out. My husband and I have a

small patio on the side of our house and we stapled chicken wire

around it (looks fantastic) and the cat can go out there and lounge

around. It's well shaded with only some sun filtering through the

Wisteria leaves. It's good for the air to get at the skin of the

cat. Cats can also have allergies just like humans. Be sure all

bedding is clean and is washed in baby detergent. NO SOFTENERS

SHOULD BE USED! Please let us know how your pet is doing. I know

how difficult it is for a pet owner to see their pet suffer with no

resolution in sight. Do find a homeopathic or naturopathic

veterinarian, and do not allow them to give your pet any


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