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The Catholic religion originally came to the United States from Spain and arrived in what is now Florida and Georgia with Spanish Friars.


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The main purpose or insight from the Catholic religion is that God loves us so much that He came to earth, suffered a horrible and painful death in order to redeem us, and proceeds to give us His Body and Blood and remain with us always in the Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar to bring us to heaven to be eternally happy with Him.

In the beginning, when we first came here, I would say Catholic, Cristian, because of all the British people. But now, there is a whole bunch of religions.

Roman-Catholic, meaning they profess the Catholic religion (unlike Protestantism, which is the most followed religion in the US or Canada).

As with most English people (which originally created the US) the religion of the US in 1785 ,as it now, is predominatly Protestant Christian. I am not sure if it was made the state religion. This may sound weird for many Americans in the South-West USA (like California and Texas) because most people there are Catholic Christian (because of the Latin American Heritage majority).

Both Easter and Christmas are the main holidays in the Roman catholic religion. The Roman catholic religion is centered around Jesus Christ being born to save us (christmas) and dying to save us from our sins (Easter)

Here we must rembember that Jesus came to save us, and not to start a religion but to have a relation with us.

I think before he came to the us he was from Austria.

Roman Catholic AnswerThe Catholic religion means that God is faithful to His Word, and that He loves us beyond anything we could ever expect. The Catholic religion means that God fulfilled all His promises in the Old Testament, and that He is doing His best to bring each one of us to perfection in Heaven where we may love Him and be happy for all eternity. The Catholic religion means that we are all creatures of this wonderful God, and that the only way we can be happy is to be humble and walk in His Son's footsteps.

Originally from Great Britain, soon after in the US.

When the pilgrims came from Great Britain, many of them were Catholic. They established Catholic churches when they arrived in North America.Roman Catholic AnswerThe Catholic Church emanated from the side of Our Blessed Lord hanging on the cross, when He was pierced by a sword. The Church comes to us as a gift of God, It is the Mystical Body of Christ, and His Bride.

Today it is the most Roman Catholic of all US States.

In the catholic religion, confirmation is given to a person by their arch pishop

yes , but many of us is not going to church and doing so much of sins

When JEsus came and saved us from our sins.

Mormon . All others came with colonist.

Most of us practice the Islamic religion... 52% of us are Muslims such as myself, 40% Orthodox and 8% other including Jewish and Catholic

The Amish came to US because of Religion Freedom.For Religious Freedom

Just like Christianity, Buddhism, Judaism and every other religion got here. In case you didn't know, the U.S. is rightfully and originally the land of the Native Americans, not the the land of those who came as pilgrims, and so the U.S. is not based on any religion.

The Catholic Missionaries who came to the new world in the 16th century built the first Churches.

They brought the Catholic Religion along with St. Patrick's day.

Marquette came to the US/MI to get the natives to be catholic

The Catholic denomination is the largest Christian group in the world followed by protestants in England and the US.

Catholic church teaches them to choose their freedom.All people has a free will.Investigating the history and prove by their action their faith is the true religion of God wants us to be.

In the 1960 US Presidential election, the point was made that the Democrat nominee, John F. Kennedy, was Catholic. Never before did the US have a Catholic president. Many people believed that JFK's religion would be a handicap for him in the election. JFK did win a very close election and JFK remains as the only Catholic president the US has ever had.

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