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pto switch bad

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Q: Cause of pto clutch staying on a Honda mower?
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How do you fix clutch on riding lawn mower?

clutch for (your model mower) on eBay or other site that sells mower parts

How do you change the clutch spring on a Murray riding lawn mower?

how to install a spring clutch on a murray mower

Honda Lawn Mower?

form_title= Honda Lawn Mower form_header= Mow your lawn easily with a Honda lawn mower. What is the square footage of your lawn?*= _ [50] Do you need to repair an existing lawn mower?*= () Yes () No Do you want a push or riding mower?*= () Push () Riding

When i start my craftsman lawn mower it runs time but when the clutch is engaged it dies.?

Your clutch has to be engaged when you start your mower or at least my craftsman mower does. If it dies when you release the clutch pedal, it is due to the engine shutoff relay which is wired to the electric clutch. There are 2 wires on the lower left side of the mower that run along the inside of the frame to the clutch. These wires run just above the mower deck belts and connect to the top of clutch. They are so close that sometimes they get entangled with the deck belts causing them to be torn loose or rub the insulation off and expose the bare wire (which will cause it to ground out if it comes in contact with metal). You need to find and inspect these two wires all the way from the clutch to the point they come up through a hole in the frame floor that the engine is bolted to.

Where is the safety switch located to start the mower because you have to press the clutch a lot of times to get it to engage to start This is on a Ranchking riding mower.?

The safety switch to start the motor on a Ranchking riding mower is located in the ignition. If the clutch needs to be depressed several times before the mower will start, there might be a problem with the adjustment of the clutch.

Wire diagram for Honda riding mower 4518?

i need to see belt digram for a 4518 honda riding mower

John deere 318 engine stops mower stops engine will restart but mower deck will not too hot?

Your mower has an electric PTO clutch that is worn out. It clutch stops working when it gets hot. Replace the PTO clutch and you should be fine. Expect to pay about $150 for the part.

What clutch do you use for lawn mower racing?

get a smaller pulley for the engine. as far as clutch I'm not sure

How do you remove the friction disc from a weedeater we261 riding mower?

Place mower near street with FREE MOWER sign. That is the best way to remove the clutch/drive on this POS mower.

Where can one get a Honda lawn mower engine repaired in Indianapolis?

The two closest options for Honda lawn mower engine repair in Indianapolis are the Sears Mower Repair station and the official Honda Repair Shop, both located within city limits.

How do you change the brake or clutch cable on a Weed-eater One riding lawn mower?

first thing take the mower to the dump. secondly, push mower into the dump. third, leave the mower there.

How do you set air gap on mower clutch 2146 cub cadet?

The 2146 does not have an adjustable clutch, some other models do.