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what is the full form of cell phone

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cell phone full form

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Q: Cell phone full form
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What is the full form of cell phone?

mobile phone

What is the full form of phone?

The full form of "phone" is telephone.

Full form of cell?

Type your answer here... cellar definition a non cabled phone

What is the full form of ntt?

The full form of NTT is "NIPPON TELEGRAPH AND TELEPHONE CORPORATION". It is one of the world's largest telecommunications company, and invented todays so called mobile phone or cell phone.

What is the full form of cell?

The Full Form of Cell is "Caller Enabled Leased Line"

What is the full name of the cell phone?

cellular mobile phone

Full form of excel?

executable cell

What if full form of iPhone?

internet phone

What is the full form of PNT PHONE?

postal and telecommunication

What makes a cell phone cool?

in my opinion i think that a cell phone needs music texting and a full keyboard for m to use it.

What is the full form of rbc?

Red blood cell

What is rant?

rant is a type of cell phone. it has a full keyboard and slides

Can you zero in on where a cell phone is calling from?

The police do it in cooperation with the cell phone provider. Cell phones are full duplex systems - the signal you receive from them doesn't come directly from a cell phone, but rather, from the towers. Furthermore, there is constant frequency hopping during a cell phone call.

What is the full form of PBO?

PBO is Phone Banking Officer.

What is the full form of iPhone?

iPhone stands for intelligent phone.

Is there a way to have the Samsung Eternity phone automatically delete the oldest messages first when the inbox memory is full?

No. Voicemail is part of the phone system at the cell phone company, it is not part of the cell phone.

How is the Triple Watch Cell Phone used?

The Triple Watch Cell Phone is a wrist watch that doubles up as a cell phone. The user can press the speakerphone button to use it as a phone when on the wrist or one can take it off and extend the full phone functions.

How do you charge a cell phone battery?

Use the plug that came with the cell phone, plug it in both ends and wait around 5 hours then it will be full.

What does it mean when it says media is full on your cell phone?

it means that no other media can go into your phone because media is all ready full with stuff

Full form of AMPS?

AMPS stands for Advanced Mobile Phone System. It was the technology used in analog cell phones prior to its termination on February 18.

Do you have to register the new phone if you put your old phone sim card in it?

full form of sms

What impact does cell phones have on the environment?

sms full form

What is the full form of CDT in telecast?

Cell Delay Tolerance

What is a cell phone that has a touch screen and a full keyboard?

For example Nokia E6.

Do cell phone batteries wear out faster during a full moon?

In a word, no.

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