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Conflict In this story there are many conflicts that take place, I have chosen to cover what I think is the most important one. When Alex goes to China the country is fairly peaceful, his father is covering an important visit between the Rusian and Chinese Dignitaries, And Alex gets to go exploring for most of the time. Then when some students protest for no corruption in the government and more democracy things get ugly. thousands of Chinese people barricade Tian An men square, when the prime minister declairs martial law as the solution to a fairly peaceful protest. The protesters hold the soldiers off for a few days but eventually they start shooting on them. This is where the most suspence takes place in my oppinion. A huge riot follows over several days. This is a clear show of people against people conflict. There is also an underlying conflict because the soldiers who were sent there are all from different groups (divisions) who have different leaders, they wish to take charge as much as possible so that when the old leader of China dies they're leader may take his place.

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Q: Chapter summaries-Forbidden City By William Bell?
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