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Characters in Pride and Prejudice?

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Elizabeth Bennet - main female protagonist.

Fitzwilliam Darcy (Mr Darcy) - main male protagonist.

Mr Bennet - Father of Elizabeth and her sisters and

married to Mrs Bennet.

Mrs Bennet - Mother of Elizabeth and her sisters and

married to Mr Bennet.

Jane Bennet - The eldest daughter of Mrs Bennet, and

sister to Elizabeth.

Mary Bennet - The plainer sister to Elizabeth and


Catherine Bennet (Kitty) - Fourth Bennet sister.

Lydia Bennet - The youngest Bennet sister.

Charles Bingley - Young gentleman who comes to


Caroline Bingley - The proud and snobbish sister of

Charles Bingley.

George Wickham - An old friend of Mr Darcy, and an

officer in the militia.

William Collins - Heir to Mr Bennet's estate (as the

Bennet's only have daughters, and no sons).

Lady Catherine de Bourgh - A haughty, domineering and

condescending person with a very high social standing.

Mr and Mrs Gardiner - The Bennet sister's uncle and


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