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Charles schumer is Republican or democrat?

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Charles Schumer is a US senator for which US state?

Charles Schumer is the senior senator for the state of New York. He has been in office since 1998 running as a Democrat. Schumer is from New York City.

Is Justice Charles t Canady a republican or democrat?

He was a Republican representative for Florida in the House of Representatives.

Did ray Charles support democrat or republican?

Ray Charles was a life-long Republican and even performed for Ronald Reagan at the 1984 Republican national convention...

Was Charles Manson a Democrat?

Manson had absolutely no interest in politics. He was neither democrat, republican or anything else.

Who is the representative of NY?

The two United Senators from the State of New York are Charles Schumer (Democrat) and Kirstin Gillibrand (Democrat). Additionally New York has 27 seats in the House of Representatives.

Who are the Senators from the US?

Alabama: -Richard Shelby: Republican -Jeff Sessions: Republican Alaska: -Lisa Murkowski: Republican -Mark Begich: Democrat Arizona: -John McCain: Republican -Jon Kyl: Republican Arkansas: -Mark Pryor: Democrat -John Boozman: Republican California: -Dianne Feinstein: Democrat -Barbara Boxer: Democrat Colorado: -Mark Udall: Democrat -Michael Bennet: Democrat Connecticut: -Joe Liberman: Independent -Richard Blumenthal: Democrat Delaware: -Tom Carper: Democrat -Chris Coons: Democrat Florida: -Bill Nelson: Democrat -Marco Rubio: Republican Georgia: -Saxby Chambliss: Republican -Johnny Isakson: Republican Hawaii: -Daniel Inouye: Democrat -Daniel Akaka: Democrat Idaho: -Mike Crapo: Republican -Jim Risch: Republican Illinois: -Dick Durbin: Democrat -Mark Kirk: Republican Indiana: -Richard Lugar: Republican -Dan Coats: Republican Iowa: -Chuck Grassley: Republican -Tom Harkin: Democrat Kansas: -Pat Roberts: Republican -Jerry Moran: Republican Kentucky: -Mitch McConnell: Republican -Rand Paul: Republican Louisiana: -Mary Landrieu: Democrat -David Vitter: Republican Maine: -Olympia Snowe: Republican -Susan Collins: Republican Maryland: -Barbara Mikulski: Democrat -Ben Cardin: Democrat Massachusetts: -John Kerry: Democrat -Scott Brown: Republican Michigan: -Carl Levin: Democrat -Debbie Stabenow: Democrat Minnesota: -Amy Klobuchar: Democrat -Al Franken: Democrat Mississippi: -Thad Cochran: Republican -Roger Wicker: Republican Missouri: -Claire McCaskill: Democrat -Roy Blunt: Republican Montana: -Max Blaucus: Democrat -Jon Tester: Democrat Nebraska: -Ben Nelson: Democrat -Mike Johanns: Republican Nevada: -Harry Reid: Democrat -Dean Heller: Republican New Hampshire: -Jeanne Shaheen: Democrat -Kelly Ayotte: Republican New Jersey: -Frank Lautenberg: Democrat -Bob Menendez: Democrat New Mexico: - Jeff Bingaman: Democrat -Tom Udall: Democrat New York: -Chuck Schumer: Democrat -Kristen Gillibrand: Democrat North Carolina: -Richard Burr: Republican -Kay Hagan: Democrat North Dakota -Kent Conrad: Democrat -John Hoeven: Republican Ohio: -Sherrod Brown: Democrat -Rob Portman: Republican Oklahoma: -Jim Inhofe: Republican -Tom Coburn: Republican Oregon: -Ron Wyden: Democrat -Jeff Merkley: Democrat Pennsylvania: -Bob Casey, Jr.: Democrat -Pat Toomey: Republican Rhode Island: -Jack Reed: Democrat -Sheldon Whitehouse: Democrat South Carolina: -Lindsey Graham: Republican -Jim DeMint: Republican South Dakota: -Tim Johnson: Democrat -John Thune: Republican Tennessee: -Lamar Alexander: Republican -Bob Corker: Republican Texas: -Kay Bailey Hutchison: Republican -John Cornyn: Republican Utah: -Orrin Hatch: Republican -Mike Lee: Republican Vermont: -Patrick Leahy: Democrat -Bernie Sanders: Independent Virginia: -Jim Webb: Democrat -Mark Warner: Democrat Washington: -Patty Murray: Democrat -Maria Cantwell: Democrat West Virginia: -Jay Rockefeller: Democrat -Joe Manchin: Democrat Wisconsin: -Herb Kohl: Democrat -Ron Johnson: Republican Wyoming: -Mike Enzi: Republican -John Barrasso: Republican

Is Jay Leno a Republican or Democrat?

He is a Democrat. He's never voted Republican.

What is the birth name of Chuck Schumer?

Chuck Schumer's birth name is Charles Ellis Schumer.

Symbols of democrat and Republican'?

Democrat: Donkey Republican: Elephant

Is Chris Pratt a Democrat?

He is not a Democrat nor Republican.

Is Sandra Bullock a Republican or a Democrat?

She is a (Registered?) Democrat.

Was Ronald Reagan a democrat or republican a democrat?

he was a republican when he was president. he switched from being a democrat in 1962.

Who is the senator of the US?

At any given time, there are 100 U.S. senators (2 for each state), not just one. Currently, (as of May 2013) they are:Richard Shelby, Republican, AlabamaJeff Sessions, Republican, AlabamaLisa Murkowski, Republican, AlaskaMark Begich, Democrat, AlaskaJohn McCain, Republican, ArizonaJeff Flake, Republican, ArizonaMark Pryor, Democrat, ArkansasJohn Boozman, Republican, ArkansasDianne Feinstein, Democrat, CaliforniaBarbara Boxer, Democrat, CaliforniaMark Udall, Democrat, ColoradoMichael Bennet, Democrat, CaliforniaRichard Blumenthal, Democrat, ConnecticutChris Murphy, Democrat, ConnecticutTom Carper, Democrat, DelawareChris Coons, Democrat, DelawareBill Nelson, Democrat, FloridaMarco Rubio, Republican, FloridaSaxby Chambliss, Republican, GeorgiaJohnny Isakson, Republican, GeorgiaBrian Schatz, Democrat, HawaiiMazie Hirono, Democrat, HawaiiMike Crapo, Republican, IdahoJim Risch, Republican, IdahoDick Durbin, Democrat, IllinoisMark Kirk, Republican, IllinoisDan Coats, Republican, IowaTom Harkin, Democrat, IowaPat Roberts, Republican, KansasJerry Moran, Republican, KansasMitch McConnell, Republican, KentuckyRand Paul, Republican, KentuckyMary Landrieu, Democrat, LouisianaDavid Vitter, Republican, LouisianaSusan Collins, Republican, MaineAngus King, Independent, MaineBarbara Mikulski, Democrat, MarylandBen Cardin, Democrat, MarylandElizabeth Warren, Democrat, MassachusettsMo Cowan, Democrat, MassachusettsCarl Levin, Democrat, MichiganDebbie Stabenow, Democrat, MichiganAmy Klobuchar, Democrat, MinnesotaAl Franken, Democrat, MinnesotaThad Cochran, Republican, MississippiRoger Wicker, Republican, MississippiClaire McCaskill, Democrat, MissouriRoy Blunt, Republican, MissouriMax Baucus Democrat, MontanaJohn Tester, Democrat, MontanaMike Johanns, Republican, NebraskaDeb Fischer, Republican, NebraskaHarry Reid, Democrat, NevadaDean Heller, Republican, NevadaJeanne Shaheen, Democrat, New HampshireKelly Ayotte, Republican, New HampshireFrank Lautenburg, Democrat, New JerseyBob Mendez, Democrat, New JerseyTom Udall, Democrat, New MexicoMartin Heinrich, Democrat, New MexicoChuck Schumer, Democrat, New YorkKirsten Gillibrand, Democrat, New YorkRichard Burr, Republican, North CarolinaKay Hagan, Democrat, North CarolinaJohn Hoeven, Republican, North DakotaHeidi Heitkamp, Democrat, North DakotaSherrod Brown, Democrat, OhioRob Portman, Republican, OhioRob Inhofe, Republican, OklahomaTom Coburn, Republican, OklahomaRon Wyden, Democrat, OregonJeff Merkley, Democrat, OregonBob Casey Jr., Democrat, PennsylvaniaPat Toomey, Republican, PennsylvaniaJack Reed, Democrat, Rhode IslandSheldon Whitehouse, Democrat, Rhode IslandLindsey Graham, Republican, South CarolinaTim Scott, Republican, South CarolinaJim Johnson, Democrat, South DakotaJohn Thume, Republican, South DakotaLamar Alaxeander, Republican, TennesseeBob Corker, Republican, TennesseeJohn Cornyn, Republican, TexasTed Cruz, Republican, TexasOrrin Hatch, Republican, UtahMike Lee, Republican, UtahPatrick Leahy, Democrat, VermontBernie Sanders, Independent, VermontMark Warner, Democrat, VirginiaTim Kaine, Democrat, VirginiaPat Murray, Democrat, WashingtonMaria Cantwell, Democrat, WashingtonJay Rockefeller, Democrat, West VirginiaJoe Manchin, Democrat, West VirginiaRon Johnson, Republican, WisconsinTammy Baldwin, Democrat, WisconsinMike Enzi, Republican, WyomingJohn Barrasso, Republican, Wyoming.

How many years has Charles schumer been senator?

Charles Schumer has served as the U.S. Senator from New York since January 3, 1999.

Is bob schieffer democrat or Republican?

Is bob schieffer's democrat or republican

Would Thomas Jefferson be a Democrat or a Republican?

Democrat. He was a Democrat-Republican which is the Same thing today as a Democrat. The Federalist were the Republicans today.

Was Roosevelt a Republican or democrat?

Theodore Roosevelt = Republican Franklin Roosevelt = Democrat

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