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Long-Distance Relationships

Cheating from a long distance relationship?


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December 28, 2010 1:11AM

what about it?

is it legitimate? in my opinion, no.

would i forgive someone for doing it? probably no unless i was so madly in love with her I'd forgive everything anyway


It depends on how far the person lives. Some long distance love affairs could be hard, especially for married man. I could give you my story that happened a long time ago. If the man I married wasn't teaching at night school less than a hundred miles away from where we live, it will be hard for him to have affair with the woman he met on a dating site. He can not make no special trip to be with her during her days off. But his time line was on his advantage, because of his part time job at night there were free to do what they want to do.

Unfortunately his class ends close to where she lives so before I discovered it, he was planning to stop seeing her. ( that's what he told me). I'll give the man I married compliment because his smart enough to think it will be obvious for his family to find out that he was seeing another woman if he make some excuses 2 times a week just to be with her, agree? So overall for married man who have affairs far from where he lives is a good idea, especially if he have a job closer to the other woman.