Long-Distance Relationships

Cheating from a long distance relationship?

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what about it?

is it legitimate? in my opinion, no.

would i forgive someone for doing it? probably no unless i was so madly in love with her I'd forgive everything anyway


It depends on how far the person lives. Some long distance love affairs could be hard, especially for married man. I could give you my story that happened a long time ago. If the man I married wasn't teaching at night school less than a hundred miles away from where we live, it will be hard for him to have affair with the woman he met on a dating site. He can not make no special trip to be with her during her days off. But his time line was on his advantage, because of his part time job at night there were free to do what they want to do.

Unfortunately his class ends close to where she lives so before I discovered it, he was planning to stop seeing her. ( that's what he told me). I'll give the man I married compliment because his smart enough to think it will be obvious for his family to find out that he was seeing another woman if he make some excuses 2 times a week just to be with her, agree? So overall for married man who have affairs far from where he lives is a good idea, especially if he have a job closer to the other woman.

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I am in a long distance relationship but I think he's cheating on me how do I find out?

A long distance relationship is not realy a relationship that can be cheated on.

Why would a guy deny cheating in a long distance relationship?

if he was cheating on a long distance relationship he could be telling the truth or lieing. think about it, has he ever lied to you before

Did a eight years relationship long distance could still work?

"long distance"?! I'm a dude he's probably cheating on you

What are the signs of a cheating girlfriend in a long distance relationship?

She does not seem interested in you and is gone often

Can you work things out after cheating on your girlfriend in a long distance relationship?

After cheating, it is very difficult to gain the trust. You can do that by talking to her more often.

If you are in a long-distance relationship and your girlfriend stays out late drinking without calling and acts distant is she cheating?

It is quite possible. Alcohol has a direct relationship to the concept of cheating.

Cheating in long distance relationship?

my girl friend slept with my best friend and continuing her relationship with other men too.still she is not married.

Signs of cheating in long distance relationship?

If they accuse you of always being with other people and get mad at you for no reason

Can a husband have a friendly friendship with a woman long distance texting and doesnt say nothing to wife is that cheating?

A husband can have a friendly relationship with a woman long distance by texting. It depends on what type or relationship he has with his wife on whether it's considered cheating. If he has nothing to hide, there is no reason to keep it from her.

What are the signs of a cheating boyfriend in a long-distance relationship?

overly jealous. he knows he is in a long distance relationship and without trust it cannot work. could be a blame tactict because he feels bad regarding his own actions

You are in a long distance relationship and you think he is cheating?

well the thing about long distance relationships is that you cant really tell what they are doing and when they are doing it. so if i was you i would just break up with him or ignore it

Cheating on a long distant relationship?

The worst thing you can do. Long distance relationships are based on trust, and without it you have nothing. ANSWER: If your talking about can a long distance relationship works? yes it can. The man that I married done it and it works for both of them. And it made him quite intrigue and happy. Unfortunatle I discovered it.

How do you get over a long distance relationship?

have a short distance relationship

Will me and Anthony have a long relationship?

you and Anthony will not. he is cheating on you. wheeeeeey

What is the term for the relationship between the distance?

um Long-distance relationship?

What is better Long distance Relationship or Short Distance Relationship?

Long distance relationships are usually more stable then short distance relationships.

What are main problems in long distance relationship?

the long distance

How can you be sure if your long distance relationship boyfriend is cheating on you?

You cant be sure. That's why it all comes down to trust, loyalty, communication, and most importantly LOVE

How will you know if a guy is cheating on his long distance fiance?

To know if a guy is cheating on his long distance fiance one has to keep a watch over them. One has to read the signs of cheating if there are any. One has to read the speech etc to know that.

How long do you think the long distance relationship will last?

It can last a long time if you are both committed. I have been in a long distance relationship for 7 months

Is it right to assume the worst in a long distance relationship?

In some instances when the relationship isn't fully developed or is not that strong, long distance relationships can be disastrous. But if you have a strong relationship full of trust, communication, and commitment then long distance relationships can actually strengthen your relationship and help it grow. If you manage a long distance relationship and it works out, you know that your relationship can withstand difficult situations.

What is cheating.. My boyfriend thinks if you are not married and you have a long distance relationship that it is ok to have a friend that is a woman that he lives with?

In my opinion, it's not cheating unless there's intimacy between them: hand holding, kissing, having sex, etc. I've had female roommates before, and the relationship was completely platonic.

Your man says he loves you and you are engaged but you think he is cheating on you from a long distance relationship what should u do u love him but he doesn't keep to his word and you have no proof?

you should confront him about it

What is a womaniser?


Is it okay to have a long distance relationship?

No. It is not.