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Replace the gasket, make sure the cover isn't dented from people just trying to tighten it down to stop the leak.

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Q: Chevy 305 small block engine oil leaking valve cover gasket how to fix it?
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1998 Chevy Silverado coolant in engine?

If you are sure that it did not freeze and crack the block, Then the intake manifold gasket is leaking. That is a common problem with the vortec Chevy engines. You need to replace the gasket with a factory Chevy gasket from the dealer.

1998 3800 engine in a Chevy Camaro with coolant leaking from a bolt on the back of the engine near the top left side where an aluminum ear bolts to the engine block what could it be?

it might be the intake gasket

Why is the gasket fitted between the cylinder head and the engine block?

It is there to stop the fluids and compression from leaking out.

What could prevent a leak where the transmission bolts to the small block Chevy right by the oil filter on the left side where the two bolts go and only leaks after engine has been running?

If it's leaking transmission fluid, could be a bad pump seal. If it's leaking engine oil, could be a bad oil filter, leaking valve cover gasket, leaking intake manifold gasket, leaking oil pressure sender, leaking distributor gasket.

What can cause water in the engine block in a Chevy 4.3 liter engine?

most likely an intake gasket

What if your 1992 Chevy silverado is leaking engine coolant from the top of the engine just below the distrubutor what is leaking?

There is a heater hose that goes to the left rear top side of the intake manifold and that fitting leaks engine coolant sometimes and it will run down the back of the intake around the distributor. If that fitting is not leaking then the intake manifold gasket is leaking coolant in the corners of it. REplace the intake gasket. That's all that can leak coolant on that year engine. If coolant is leaking out between the transmission and engine block then you have a freeze plug leaking in the back of the engine, between the transmission and block. Must remove the transmission and flywheel to fix it.

Water leaking into oil is it a seal?

Water in oil is usually caused by a leaking headgasket. This is the gasket between the engine block and the head. It is an expensive repair.

Where is the Leaking valve cover gasket?

im guessing someone has told you that you have a 'leaking valve cover gasket'. the valve cover is normally on the top of the engine,above the pistons, sometimes its where you put the oil into. The gasket is where the cover joins with the block.

Where is the head gasket located in a 1996 Chevy Camaro?

Sandwiched between the heads and the engine block.

What does it mean when you have motor oil leaking into your coolant in a 2000 Chevy Malibu?

Either a blown head gasket or a cracked block possibly

99 Chevy Silverado Coolant leaking into the oil?

That is a common problem with the vortec 350 engines. The intake manifold gasket starts leaking in the corners of it. That is where the water jackets are and it's only about 1/4 of an inch wide and when it starts leaking it allows engine coolant to leak into the lifter gallery and into the oil. Need to replace intake gasket as long as you no it did not freeze and crack the engine block.

Can you smell a coolant leak at the head gasket?

The head gasket sits between the head and the engine block if it is leaking out where you can see the coolant, yes you can smell the coolant if it is leaking into the engine no you cannot smell the coolant. You can check the oil to see if it has coolant in the oil if it does then the head gasket might be blown.

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