Chinese calligraphy living artist nephews of puyi?

Puyi only had one nephew and his name was Aisin Gioro Yuyan. He lived from 1918 - 1997.

Guides at the Forbidden City in Beijing today, will introduce you to a calligrapher who they claim to be this same nephew. You will have to pay over the top for one of his calligraphies because of who he is. If you searched the internet, you will find people taking pictures with him, although you will find there's more than one version of him! You're not allowed to take a picture with him unless you pay for one of scrolls. We were quoted RMB1,200 in October 2011 for the smallest one. We were also told we were extremely lucky as they guy was there only for a week upon the invitation of the present government. Turns out the guy is there every single day conning tourists. We smelled a rat and left.

Puyi's nephew died aged 79 in 1997. Even if he was still alive, compare him to the 'nephews' at the Forbidden City who usually look in their 40s or 50s.