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Chinese word for heaven or sky?


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the Chinese word for heaven or sky is tian.

the Chinese word for heaven or sky is tian.

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天空 = Sky Tiānkōng 天堂 = Heaven tiāntáng You can represent both by just the word: 天 Tiān

the filipino word for sky is "KALANGITAN" its root word is "LANGIT" which means heaven... :)

Cael. The Latin word for sky is caelum, and the word for heaven is caeli

Ceil. It is also the word for Heaven.

In Jewish Aramaic, the word for heaven (meaning sky) is shamaya (שמיא). There is no Jewish Aramaic word for heaven referring to an afterlife.

I think "天堂" is the Chinese counterpart of "heaven". ^_^

It comes from the Old English word "heofon" which means the home of God, or the sky.

Mana No, incorrect word..................................... Lani is the word for heaven or sky. Mana is the word for magical or divine power; sometimes it is used for spirit.

Ouranos It's meaning is heaven or sky.

【宗】天國; 上帝

Heaven, referring to the afterlife, is never mentioned in the Hebrew Bible. There is no Biblical Hebrew word for this concept. However, Early modern English translations used the word "heaven" as a poetic word for sky, and the word sky (שמיים) appears 653 times. Many Christian translations continue to use the word "heaven" in their translations, when the word שמיים in the Hebrew text is either referring literally to the sky, or figuratively, to God.

; Sky was an old Norse word that meant "Cloud". c. 1300, sky replaced the native word "heofon" (heaven), to mean "upper regions of air". src:

Nahuatl is officially recognized as the language of the Aztec people. The Nahuatl word for sky, or Heaven, was ilhuicatl.

Chinese mythological construction of heaven is vastly different to other religions' ideas of heaven. It is synonymous with all of nature, including the sky. It is also viewed as a god in itself, with it's own personality that watches over mankind and is affected by our actions.

joy - that describes some of the feelings of heaven. sky - ancient people thought there were 3 heavens, one was the sky, 2nd was where the stars are, 3rd was where God exists.

I think some girls are actually named "Sky" "Celia" is related to the Latin word for sky or heaven. There may be others that I can not think of.

to fall from heaven (or to fall from the sky) = nafal mehashamayim (נפל מהשמיים)

Heaven is in the sky and hell is in the ground.

"Heaven" in Spanish is "cielo". It is also the same as the word for "sky". It is pronounced "see-AY-low". Please see this site for confirmation of the translation:

Aloha: you won't like this, but there are 3 words for sky: lani (which can also mean heavens), aouli (which can also mean heaven), and lewa (which is just a general sky).

The word "Himmel" can be used for a few things.heaven, sky, skies or the roof lining in a car,

The Mandate of Heaven was the belief that the Chinese Emperor's right to rule came from the gods.

ten on its own means "heaven" or "sky." (although sora is more commonly used to mean "sky") The word tenshi means "angel."Hope this helped :)!

The Chinese name of kingdom of heaven is 天国王朝

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