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Chris brown's hometown?

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His hometown is Tappahannock, Virginia.

2008-12-01 23:32:41
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What is Chris Browns nationality?

chris browns nationality is the united states but his hometown is tappohanock,va.

What is Chris Browns MySpace?

chris browns myspace is

What is chris browns fave color?

chris browns favourite colour is pink and purple

Who is Chris Browns child?

chris browns child is chrishton brown

Who is chris browns boyfriend?

Chris is a boy.

What is the name of Chris Browns first aibum?

The name of chris browns first album is "Run It"

Is Chris Browns dogs name diamond?

yes chris browns pittbulls name is diamond.

What is Chris Faulk's number on the Cleveland Browns?

Chris Faulk is number 70 on the Cleveland Browns.

What is Chris Ogbonnaya's number on the Cleveland Browns?

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What is Chris Browns msn address?

can anyone tell me wat chris browns msn addy is plz?can anyone tell me wat chris browns msn addy is plz?

How old are Chris Browns little brothers?

how old is chris browns little brothers

What is Chris Browns sister name?

Chris Browns sisters name is Lytreel Bundy she is the older sister

Who is Chris Browns record company?

dis is chris browns cuz.i believe hes with jive records

Is Chris Browns in jail?


What is Chris Browns say now number?

chris browns say now nuber is 804-201-9377

What is Chris Browns favorite desert?

chris browns favorite desert is strawberry shortcake and his favorite dinner is sphaghetti

Who is the little boy in Chris Browns new song crawl?

It is Chris Browns little friend and dance buddy.

When did Chris Browns first album come out?

Chris browns first album came out in November 29th 2005

How old was Chris Browns mother when she had him?

chris brown's mother was 26 when she had chris.

What is Chris Brown's star sign?

chris browns are Taurus

What are Chris browns cachieviments?

Is Chris Brown's brother Shannon

What is the name of Chris Browns first album?

Chris Brown

What is chris browns yahoomail?

chris&me4ever obviously at

What is chris browns race?

Chris Brown is African American.

Who is chris browns girfriend?

Chris Brown is currently single.