Circular DNA molecules that can replicate independently are called?


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Circular DNA that can replicate on their own are called plasmids.

In the field of biotechnology, plasmids are of great importance.

Mitochondria also has some of its own DNA.

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The circular DNA molecules that can be found in bacteria are called plasmids. Plasmids are a separate DNA molecule that can replicate independently of chromosomal DNA. Plasmids are commonly used in Biology classes to teach students about splicing.

A circular band of DNA that exists separate of chromosomal DNA is called a plasmid. Plasmids reside within bacteria cells and can replicate independently of the chromosomal DNA.

Plasmids are DNA molecules, usually circular, that are independent of the chromosomal DNA. In bacteria these can replicate independently as well. In genetic engineering, plasmids are called Vectors, and are used to isolate and multiply a specific gene. which, because they are independent of chromosomal DNA, can be transferred into other organisms.

Those circular DNA molecules are called Plasmids.widely used in Recombinent DNA Technology

A plasmid is a small molecule of DNA that replicate independently within the cell. A population of cells carrying a desired plasmid is called a clone.

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In eukaryotic cells, most genes are on linear chromosomes in the nucleus of the cell. Some genes are on the circular chromosomes of mitochondria and chloroplasts.In prokaryotes, most genes are on the single circular chromosome in the nucleoid region of the cell. Other genes are on small circular molecules of DNA called plasmids.So basically, they are in the nucleus region :)

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