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Why Netherlands have dams?

Most parts of the Netherlands are below sea level / below the water level of the rivers that flow through the country. If there were no dams and dykes, those lands would be flooded.

What level is diamond found at on minecraft 1.5.2?

Diamonds can be found below level 16.

What is the altitude of Florence Italy?

like New Orleans it is below sea level and gets flooded many times a year.

Where are diamonds found in minecraft?

Diamonds are found below level 16 of the world.

What level is gold found in mine craft?

Gold is found at layers 32 and below. This is the same level that emeralds and lapis lazuli are found.

What are Fjord Glaciers characterized by?

Carved deep U-shaped valleys distinguish fjord glaciers. The valleys also extend below sea level and are flooded by the ocean.

When the water of the ocean is at a higher level than its average what is it called?


If a doctor found an HCG level of 12 in your blood what are the chances that you are pregnant?

well if the doctor found the level at 12 then it is likely that you are pregnant since the cut off level is 5 and below for non pregnant females.

What is the term for a glacial valley that was partly flooded as sea level rose?


Which zone is found 20 kilometers below sea level at the continental mountain location?


How do you level up dungeoneering on RuneScape?

I have found a guide for you, It is placed below in the "Related Links" section.

When was blue holes found?

They were always known to the locals, as very deep springs, but exploration of them as flooded caves had to wait for the development of cave-diving to a suitable level, so perhaps from the 1970s.

How many feet above sea level is Blackpool?

If it was zero it would be flooded, 23 ft above sea level is the answer......

What term denotes a glacial valley that was partly flooded as sea level rose?

A Fiord

What cloud is a low level cloud?

Cumulus, cumulonimbus, stratocumulus and stratus. They are found below 6500 feet.

How can you get a level one Suicune in Pokemon heartgold?

You cannot get a Suicune level 40. Suicune cannot make eggs, and thus, he cannot be below level 40. No legendaries can be at a level lower than they are found at.

What water body is more than 400 meters below sea level and where is it found?

That's the Dead Sea.

What material is most likely to be found 20 kilometers below sea level at the continental mountain location?


Which is a higher elevation 40 feet below sea level or 14 feet below sea level?

40 feet below sea level is the answer

Is New Orleans at or below sea level?

Much of the city is below sea level.

How can a seas be below sea level?

if the land surrounding the sea is below sea level

Is japan below sea level?

Yes It is 4 meters below sea level

Is Belgium below sea level?

If Belgium was below sea level, it would be underwater.

What is the lowest elevation in Italy?

The beaches at sea level. The city of Venice is only a few feet above average sea level, it sometimes gets flooded.

How far is the dead sea below sea level?

422 meters below sea level

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