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Clear and transparent are the synonymous. A transparent material allows light to pass through. Opaque, on the other hand, do not allow light to pass through

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Q: Clear transparent opaque
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Related questions

Is clear plastic transparent translucent or opaque?

Clear plastic is transparent.

Clear is to transparent as opaque is to?


Is plastic opaque or transparent or translucent?

Clear plastic is transparent.

Is clear water transparent translucent or opaque?

Clear water should appear transparent. Do not drink water that looks translucent or opaque.

Is frosted glass Tranceparent?

Clear glass is transparent. Frosted glass is opaque - not transparent.

If clear is to transparent as opaque is to?

murky I hope...that's what I put

Is wood transparent opaque or translucent?

Wood is opaque because transparent is completely clear like glass, translucent is blurry but you can still see light coming through, and opaque is solid color.

What is the Opposite word of opaque?

The opposite word of opaque is transparent. Opaque = an object that cannot be seen through, for example: solid metal door. Transparent = and object that can be seen through, for example: clear glass window.

Is magnifying glass translucent or opaque?

A magnifying glass is transparent, totally clear.

Frosted glass and wax paper are?

no, they are most definitely translucent materials. in order, its transparent, translucent, then opaque. transparent being the most clear, opaque having no light filtered through.

How is a clear stamp different from a regular stamp?

Clear stamps are transparent when purchased whilst regular stamps are opaque and clear stamps are not normally sold in sheets as they are sold individually.

Is milk a transparent or translucent?

Milk is liquid. So it is opaque๐Ÿฅ›๐Ÿ„ Hope you all are clear !๐Ÿ˜ If any doubt you can put some milk in a glass and see if it is transparent, translucent or opaque!!๐Ÿค”

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