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Clear transparent opaque?

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Clear and transparent are the synonymous. A transparent material allows light to pass through. Opaque, on the other hand, do not allow light to pass through

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Is clear plastic transparent translucent or opaque?

Clear plastic is transparent.

Clear is to transparent as opaque is to?


Is clear water transparent translucent or opaque?

Clear water should appear transparent. Do not drink water that looks translucent or opaque.

Is frosted glass Tranceparent?

Clear glass is transparent. Frosted glass is opaque - not transparent.

If clear is to transparent as opaque is to?

murky I hope...that's what I put

Is wood transparent opaque or translucent?

Wood is opaque because transparent is completely clear like glass, translucent is blurry but you can still see light coming through, and opaque is solid color.

What is the Opposite word of opaque?

The opposite word of opaque is transparent. Opaque = an object that cannot be seen through, for example: solid metal door. Transparent = and object that can be seen through, for example: clear glass window.

Frosted glass and wax paper are?

no, they are most definitely translucent materials. in order, its transparent, translucent, then opaque. transparent being the most clear, opaque having no light filtered through.

Is magnifying glass translucent or opaque?

A magnifying glass is transparent, totally clear.

How is a clear stamp different from a regular stamp?

Clear stamps are transparent when purchased whilst regular stamps are opaque and clear stamps are not normally sold in sheets as they are sold individually.

Is milk a transparent or translucent?

Milk is liquid. So it is opaque๐Ÿฅ›๐Ÿ„ Hope you all are clear !๐Ÿ˜ If any doubt you can put some milk in a glass and see if it is transparent, translucent or opaque!!๐Ÿค”

Is quartz opaque?

Pure quartz, traditionally called rock crystal (sometimes called clear quartz), is colorless and transparent (clear) or translucent. Common colored varieties may contain other minerals and be translucent or even opaque.

If clear is transparent what is opaque?

Transparent is when something is completely see through, such as normal windows you find. Opaque is when something is only partially see through, I think another work for this is translucent, but im not entirely sure. An example is something such as a net curtain, which is'nt completely transparent, but you are able to see through it.

Is honey transparent opaque or translucent?

Honey is clear as water and dark as molasses ! So honey is transparent ๐Ÿฏ Hope all of you understand

What determines whether or not a material is transparent or opaque?

When you hold the material up, transparent would be you can clearly see through it. Translucent is when you can still see through it, but everything is all misty and blurry. And opaque completely blocks the light, like a book would or a piece of steel.Highly pigmented materials would be opaque. Milky quartz is translucent. Transparent is things such as calcite, clear quartz or emerald, and most glass.

What is the opposite of clear?

Clear (understandable) has the opposites unclear, obtuse, or puzzlingClear (away from) has opposites proximate, near, or closeClear (transparent) has opposites opaque, cloudy, or obscured.Clear (railroad term) has opposites of unsafe, or stop.

What happens when light passes through one transparent material into clear water?

the light is transmitted through the transparent material into the water which is transmitted untill it hits soething opaque amd the light is absorbed into that.

What is a opaque germ?

if you are good at science you will no that opaque means clear so an opaque germ is a clear germ that you cant see

Is clear glass transparent?

Generally clear glass is transparent.

Is notebook paper translucent or transparent?

tanslucent- you can see blurs but it is not clear like a window.

Is clear plastic transparent?

yes, it is transparent

Can transparent objects let you see clearly through them?

Yes, transparent means you can clearly see through the object. Translucent means only light travels through, you cannot see a clear image, and opaque means no light or image is visible.

What are opaque object?

There are 3 types of objects:1.TRANSPARENT OBJECTS:(have no shadow)it is the object that you can see clearly through .EX: water , gas2.SEMI-TRANSPARENT OBJECTS:can be seen through but not clear enough.3.OPAQUE OBJECTS:(have a shadow as light cannot pass through it but reflects)can't be seen through at all.

What is the difference between transparent translucent and opaque?

a transparent object is one that lets light pass through with no shadows formed eg. clear window , transparent glassa translucent object lets only some light go through (not all)and forms a shadow that is very light eg. bathroom windowan opaque object lets no light pass through and forms a shadow eg. table, chair,etc

What is the different between clear and opaque?

you can see colour in opaque and there is more depth