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Clear up milky pool water?

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There are several reasons why a pool can be cloudy.

There may not be enough free chlorine in the water.

The filter system may not be running enough to properly clean the water.

There may be too much calcium in the water.

The Ph may be too high.

The filter system may be compromised.

2008-02-27 18:02:55
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Q: Clear up milky pool water?
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Would algaecide cause milky water in your pool?

my pool did get milky but cleared up after 48 hours

Your pool water is a blue gray color and you cant get it to clear up?

If your pool water is a blue or gray color and you want to get it to clear up, try using bleach. If you can't get it to clear up, you may need to drain the water and refill it.

Green water in salt water pool?

algae will make water in a saltwater pool green If boosting the chlorine doesn't clear it up pool shops will have algaesides and floculants to the water clear again.

What should you do if your pool water is very milky and shocking makes it more milky?

First hit it with a copper based algae side. If that doesn't start clearing it up Go to the pool shop and get a strong clarifier. Turn of the filtration equipment and cast the clarifier evenly over the water and let it settle for a couple of days. you will note that the water is now crystal clear except for a layer at the bottom of the pool. Gently vacuum this layer to waste. Do not put it through your filter. Then top up the pool.

How do you get your pool water clear again?

It depends on what is causing the water to cloud. You can take a water sample in to your local pool dealer and have them test it and tell you what chemicals you need to add to clear it up.

You filled your pool with well water and it looks an orangish-brown how do you get it clear?

In most cases when a pool turns brown, minerals in water are reacting to chlorine that has be added to the water. Add a sequestering agent and the pool will clear up in about 24 hours. After the pool clears up, clean the filter.

Does the water in your swimming pool have to be clear before you close it for the winter?

It's best if the water is cleaned before you close up the pool.

Why won't my pool water clear up?

You may have a high metal content in the water you are using to fill the pool. Check the metal content of the water.

Put in Fresh and Clear and water turned green?

Your pool water may have turned green even after adding Fresh and Clear because of metals in your water. It is likely copper that is causing the water green. Your pool store will have products available to remove the metals and clear your water up. You might also have algae if you are not putting enough chlorine in the pool.

How can you treat a pool and clear the water up without pump operation?

Drain it and refill it

Just filled our above ground 18ft round pool with water. About 24 hours later there is a green look to it. We haven't even used it yet. Is this because of our water hardness level. We have very hard water.(from well) What can be done to clear up the water?

Your water is turning green due to algae. You need to scrub your pool walls to and then "Shock" your pool by adding chlorine. Keep your pool filtered and it should clear up in a few days.

How do you clean red clay muddy water in a new pool?

Use a floculant you will be able to get this at your pool shop You wil end up loosing a litle water but it is the best way to get the water crystal clear.

I have dirty green pool water how do I clean it up if I never owned a pool before?

Pour in a gallon jug of algecide and increase the amount of chlorine you use and run your pool's filter at least 6 to 8 hrs a night. Will clear up in a day. Of course this info depends on size of pool, but the average 16,000 gallon pool will clear up.

Why does the pool water get milky after swimming in it?

if you use a chlorinator in your pool you will get a white milky substance in your pool form the chlor-tabs. some brands as Pace have a high amount of inert ingredients that cause this problem. you can alleviate this problem by "sweeping" your pool bottom to the drains and back wash your filter often. sweeping should be done every few days to help keep this substance from building up and swimmering activities mixing it into the water. A: milky or cloudy water is usually the result of overuse and the lack of filtration. The proper balance of the chemicals in the pool are very important to water quality. Sweeping the bottom has little to do with cloudy water unless you have a DE filter and it is sending DE back to the pool. Or you have a painted pool that is chalking. Those are the only sources of cloudy water. Swimming has little to with mixing the water or the chemicals.

Where do you see algae?

If it is there you may see it in the water giving it a green or milky colour. It can also build up on the surfaces of the pool and need to be scrubed off.

Why would county water turn green in your pool after its been clear?

maybe someone threw up in it... lol

How do you treat a cloudy swimming pool?

A simple water clarifier available at pool stores and retailers such as Lowes or Walmart will clear up the water. Use as directed. It only takes a few ounces.Balance chemicals and add a clarifier available at you local pool supplyYou need to get your water tested to see what is causing it. Take a sample to a local pool dealer, they can test it and they should also be able to tell you what you need to put in it to clear it up.

How do you clear up swimming pool water when it is greeen?

* To clean a pool and new fresh water when the water is green you have to drain the water. * After all the water is gone wash the pool * When that is done you can fill the pool with fresh water. These steps depend on what kind of pool u have!!! I would assume that the above is referring to pools without filters and pumps. The answer should be lots of chlorine and 24/7 filtering of water.

When do you flock a pool?

You flock a pool as a last resort to clear the water. If you cant get the pools water to clear up using normal filtration then you may need to use a floculant. let the pool settle completely for a couple of days. This will cause the impurity's to settle to the bottom of the pool from where you then carefully vacuum the bottom layer of cloudy water to waste. most pool shops wil have the floculant and instructions required for this operation. Have them test your pools water before you do it though.

Why does toilet bowl water fill up with milky color but tank is clear water?

Because the water is see through and a toilet bowl colour is white/milky and a tank is also see through so the water is see through. Thhe water colour appearance is due to the colour influence of the container it's in.

How do you know if you've added enough chlorine to clear up your pool water?

Take a sample of water in a clean bottle from about as deep as you can reach into the pool. Take this to a pool shop explain your problem the y will test the water for free and advise you as to what needs to be done. Or you can get a test kit and do it yourself.

How can you clear up brown algae on the top of your pool?

Do you ever circulate the water???? Do you ever add chlorine etc to the water???? It must have taken you months to get the water into this shape. Shame on you.

Ph good in pool but green colour?

Your pool probably has an algae issue. You can clear it up by giving it a good pool shock. Keep the pH between 7.2 - 7.4 and TA 80 - 100. Backwash twice per day until the water is clear. Vacuum and brush to loosen up any residual algae.

Will buffer clear your cloudy pool?

Phosphate buffers put in cloudy pools will clear it up. The buffer clears the pool by reducing CH levels.

If you are a boy when you go to sperm what does it mean if water comes out?

When you are just starting to ejaculate, it is going to be clear and watery. As you get a little older it will thicken up and become more milky.