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Clone a Pokemon?


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February 14, 2010 7:35PM

Cloning Pokemon can only be in Pokemon Emerald. First go to the battle tower in the battle frontier, then got to your PC in the battle tower, then deposit the Pokemon you want to clone (only can be two at a time) then save the game. After saving the game withdraw your Pokemon and go to the lady far on the right, then pick any Pokemon in your party for the challenge (you wont be doing the battle tower challenge so don't worry) then she will ask you to save your progress, not game, save your progress then she will ask you to save your game say no then stop talking to her, turn off the power then turn it on again, your Pokemon will be in your party and in your box.

ETC. INFO: If the Pokemon is holding an item the item will also be cloned AKA Rare Candy etc.