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Color treated hair can be damaged easily. Color treated hair can break easily as well. Color treated hair should be conditioned on a regular basis.

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Will lice live in color treated hair?

There is no evidence that they won't infest color treated hair, but they don't like it

What shampoos to use on color treated hair?

You should use sulfate-free shampoos on color treated hair.

What are some good shampoos to use to wash color treated hair?

Some shampoos that claim they are good for color treated hair may not be. A person answering this question would have to have color treated hair to give a recommendation. Your best bet is to speak to your hairstylist.

What shampoo is best for color treated hair?

Kerastase Bain Apres-Soleil/Repairing Shampoo - Colored Hair - 8.5 oz is amazing for color treated hair and it helps stop fading.

Can you use color treated shampoo conditioner on hair that is not color treated?

heh, i do that sometimes...and i don't really think it matters. though i would still prefer to use regular shampoo that's not meant for dyed hair.Yes. Shampoo and conditioners for color treated hair are more gentle, less damaging and provide more protection and conditioning for your hair. So if you have dry or damaged hair, then these would probably benefit your hair, even if it's not color treated.

Is Alterna conditioner good for color treated hair?

Yes, Alterna conditioners are well-suited for color treated hair as they help correct the damage caused by coloring.

Is there a shampoo that is best for color treated hair?

Yes. There are many brands that are specifically formulated for color treated hair to maintain hydration and color. One of the most widely known is Matrix Biolage colorcaretherapie.

Is fudge conditioner safe for color treated hair?

The regular Fudge conditioner is safe for color treated hair but it does not prolong the life of your hair color.They make a Fudge Conditioner especially for color treated hair its called Fudge Color Lock Conditioner. Its helps keep your color longer, moisturizes, and protects against UV damage.I was using the regular Fudge Conditioner but just recently changed to the Color Lock and I am very pleased with the results.

Best volume shampoo and conditioner for color treated hair?

Pureology is definitely the best for volume and it won't strip your hair color.

Do head lice like color treated hair?

no, because lice dont like chemicals in hair so hair color prevents lice.<3

Can head lice live on dyed hair?

Head lice can live on any color or length of hair....they don't like color treated hair but they will infest it.

How do you take care of permanent colored hair?

The very best way to protect permanent hair color is to use a good color safe or color protective shampoo and conditioner made specifically for color treated hair.

Does herbal essences work better for long straight blonde hair or would tresemme do better?

Tresemme has better conditioning than Herbal Essences for color treated hair and or blond hair. make sure you use the formula for color treated hair. Herbal Essences is too drying in my experience.

Which shampoo is the best to use?

It depends entirely on the specifics of your hair. There are certain shampoos that are better for color treated hair, oily hair, damaged hair, etc.

Will fanci-full hair color rinse ruin highlighted hair or color treated hair?

If your hair is dry and porous then it will. When your hair is damaged it soaks in thr rinse and sometimes it doesn't wash out. If you are fearful at all of this happening to your hair I would not use it.

Can one with color treated hair swim in a salt water swimming pool?

Yes, just as long as you dont go to jump in a pool or ocean right after you color your hair.

Will American Crew Styling Gel negatively affect color treated hair?

American Crew styling Light Hold 15.2 oz Gel is an alcohol free gel. It is made up of enriched natural extracts to help hair look thicker with more body and shine. This gel also Provides light holding power which can be excellent for blow drying. This Light Hold Styling Gel can be used on wet, dry hair color treated hair. This does not affect the color treated hair, but it makes the hair look more shiner.

Can I color my hair while being treated with Herceptin?

This is something you need to first ask your doctor, as you might have a skin reaction to it, when coloring your hair.

How do you get green out of color treated hair?

If your hair is too ashy or has a greenish tint to it, you'll need to color it with a demi-permanent haircolor that has a red or red-orange base to it. You counteract ash with warmth.

What is kerastase hair?

"Kerastase Hair is a hair-care product line in Paris that sells shampoos and hair products for all hair types, from dry and brittle hair to color-treated hair. Kerastase Hair even contains products for men."

How can you correct the rust hair that resulted from well water on blond color treated hair?

Use a clarifying shampoo once or twice a week. Not all the time it dries the hair out.

How can I correct the green hair that resulted from our well water on blond color treated hair?

You can use a clarifying treatment. You need to remove the chlorine from your hair. They sell shampoos for swimmers.

How long should you wait to shampoo your hair after coloring?

I wait at leat 4 days so the color settles into the hair shaft. Then I use shampoo for color treated hair only and then towel dry and always use argan oil for hair by Josie maran

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