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Q: Colorado has six representative and two senators how many electors does it have?
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How many electors does Illinois have?

Illinois has 21 electors... also known as electoral votes. You can figure this out by adding the number of Representatives and the number of senators. Every state has 2 senators, and Illinois has 19 Representative's, and 19 + 2= 21... electors!

Are there as many electors in each state as senators?

No, there are 2 senators per state and there could be many electors.

How do you figure out how many electors there are?

One elector per senator and representative. So there are 50 states, each with 2 senators, plus 435 representatives, for a total of 535 electors in the Electoral College.

How many electors does Colorado have?

They have nine.

A large state might have 43 Representatives and 2 senators How many electors would this state have?

The state gets 1 electoral vote for each senator and representative that they have.

How many senators was elected by the forty electors in Kentucky?


If there is 43 representatives and 2 senators how many electors are there?


How many electors does NH have?

4, 2 per representative

Why do many states have exactly 3 electoral votes?

Three is the minimum number of electors a state can have because the number of a state's electors equals the total number of U. S. Senators and U. S. Representatives representing that state in Congress, and every state has two Senators and a minimum of one Representative.

Why do you have that many senators in Colorado?

Colorado has 2 Senators. The same as every other state.

How many electors does New York have?

31 electoral votes. 2 senators, 29 reps.It has 31 electors.

How many senators does Colorado have?

Colorado has 2 senators. As of February 2012 our senators are: Michael Bennet-D and Mark Udall-D

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