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Sulfuric anhydride

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Q: Common name for sulfur trioxide?
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What is the common name of sulfur trioxide?

Sulfuric anhydride

Name of SO3?

Sulfur Trioxide

What is the name of SO3?

sulfur trioxide

What is the number of moles of sulfur in sulfur trioxide?

There is 1 molecule of sulfur in sulfur trioxide so there is 1 mole of sulfur in 1 mole of sulfur trioxide

What elements is sulphur trioxide made of?

As the name implies, its constituent elements are sulfur and oxygen. Sulfur trioxide has the formula SO3, which means it contains one sulfur atom and three oxygen atoms.

Is sulfur trioxide heterogeneous?

Sulfur trioxide is a compound.

What is the name of this compound SO3?

Sulfur Trioxide

Chemical name for so3?

Sulfur trioxide.

What is the covalent name of so3?

Sulfur trioxide

What is the chemical name of S03?

Sulfur trioxide

Symbol for sulfur trioxide?

The formula for sulfur trioxide is SO3

Number of different elements in sulfur trioxide?

There are two elements present in sulfur trioxide, which are: Sulfur and Oxygen.The following formula represents sulfur trioxide: SO3As there is one atom of sulfur and three atoms of oxygen (trioxide).

Formula of sulfur trioxide?

SO3 is the chemical formula for sulfur trioxide.

Is sulfur trioxide color is orange?

No, Sulfur trioxide is a colourless gas

What is the chemical name for sulfur trioxide?

Formula: SO3

What is the chemical name for S03?

This compound is sulfur trioxide.

Which one of the gasses sulfur dioxide or sulfur trioxide is more dangerous a pollutant?

sulfur trioxide

What is the chemical name for SO3?

The most common one is "sulfur trioxide". Another possibility is "sulfuric acid anhydride."

Is trioxide good or bad for us?

Sulfur trioxide is a byproduct of sulfuric acid. In large quantities, sulfur trioxide can be deadly. For the most part, small quantities of sulfur trioxide will not hurt you.

Name of the compound whose formula is SO3?

Sulfur trioxide

What is the best name for this formula SO3?

SO3 is sulfur trioxide.

What is the name of the covalent compound SO 3?

sulfur trioxide

If sulfur dioxide and oxygen can be made into sulfur trioxide what is the reverse reaction?

sulfure trioxide decomposes into sulfur dioxide and oxygen

What is the correct chemical formula for sulfur trioxide?

The correct chemical formula for sulfur trioxide SO3.

What is the difference between sulfite and sulfur trioxide?

Sulfite is a ion, while Sulfur trioxide is a molecule