Compiling linking and execution of a program?

1) Compiling: It is a build program that are executed during the compilation of a program. At compiling time the program are contagiously Scan for any syntax and semantics error. After compilation the txt file convert into ".obj"(object) file and linking part will be execute.

2) Linking: After compiling the Header file and related another files are attach with compiled program file and creates A lot of link betwixt function and there related header file it's called linking.

3) Execution: At the end of compilation and linking part the program really prepare to executed for use where in this part ''.obj'' file convert in to ''.exe" file it's called execution of a program.

So At first-compiling & linking then Execution of a program. And in file concept- a.txt>a.obj>a.bac>a.exe (say "a" is a program name)

*Here .bac is for backup file concept. After some changed in your save program the backup concept carry your previouse text program and save with the extention name .bac.