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According to the Energentic Materials Research and Testing Center (EMRTC) in the courseware for Incident Response to Terrorist Bombing

"An IEDs has four basic components which can be recalled by the acronym PIES:"

P- Power Supply (electric or non-electric)

I- Initiator - the component that starts the explosive chain ie squibs, blasting caps, flash bulbs, exposed filament)

E - Explosive either high or low. Can be commercial such as ANFO, Military such as SEMTEX or Homemade exposive like HMTD or TATP

S-Switches (Two Catagories mechanical or electrical) Switches usually perform two functions, safety arming & detonating

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Q: Components of an improvised explosive device?
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Are The components of an improvised explosive device going to be easy to see in cargo shipments?


What does IED means?

Improvised Explosive Device

What is the full form of ied?

Improvised explosive device.

Is molotov cocktail an improvised explosive device?


Who use the first improvised explosive device?

your mother

What is Full form of IED?

IED? * * * * * Improvised explosive device.

What is a primary indication of an improvised explosive device?

Change in the enviroment

What is another name for improvised explosive device?

Homemade bomb

What does IED stands for?

Improvised explosive device. A home made bomb.

Which of these best defines an IED?

An Improvised Explosive Device. A complete device that would detonate if not disarmed

What does iod mean landmines?

Do you mean IED? An IED is an 'Improvised Explosive Device'.

When refering to an Improvised explosive device the acronym pies refers to?

power supply initiator explosive material and switch.

The acronym IED stands for?

There are many possibilities, but one is IED. Improvised Explosive Device.

What is an IED time switch?

An IED (Improvised Explosive Device) time switch is the component which is set to delay the explosion of the bomb. Other components require a fuse, container and the charge.

What is used to forward information about an improvised explosive device to higher headquarters?

UXO reportUnexploded Explosive Ordnance Report (UXO).

What are homemade bombs called?

Any device NOT made by the military is n Improvised Explosive Device (ID) or the roadside bomb,

What is an IED?

IED is the abbreviation for Improvised Explosive Device. An IED is an explosive or non-explosive triggering device deliberately placed to cause casualties when an apparently harmless object is moved or a normally safe act is performed.

What is the minimum distance from the improvised explosive device site that a leader must halt or reposition to clear the area around the device?

300 meters

What is a Toe Popper?

It is an improvised explosive device that was used by the VC, it was like a land mine but using a standard bullet instead of a shrapnel device if I'm correct : )

What are IEDs?

Improvised Explosive Devices

What is a roadside IED?

IED stands for Improvised Explosive Device. The roadside indicates that it is place along a road or path. They are often exploded through a remote control device.

What common explosive is used in IEDs?

The term IED stands for IMPROVISED Explosive Device. Key word- improvised- means that whatever explosive is available. is used. Frequently it is a reused military munition, such as an artillery shell. Those are typically filled with TNT, or products such as Composition B or Octol, being a blend of TNT, HMX, and RDX.

What warning sign best indicates a possible Vehicle Born Improvised Explosive Device or VBIED?

an abandoned vehicle left in peculiar location

When do you use a 300 meter cordon for an ied?

When an improvised explosive device is suspected or discovered, a 300 meter cordon is required. This is the wartime standard for these situations.

When do you use a standard 300 meter cordon?

When an improvised explosive device is suspected or discovered, a 300 meter cordon is required. This is the wartime standard for these situations.