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Contributions of Christianity to Human Civilization?


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August 31, 2011 7:08PM

Born in the first century A.D., Christianity since then has influenced humanity, human history and culture a lot. Its impact as a religion seems to have hitherto been the best and deepest, thereby it remains unique. The Roamn Empire was Christianized by the early saints including Peter and the emperors like Augustus and Constantine, the Byzantine Empire by Justinian and medieval Europe by Charlemagne. The saints and monks by rendering service to the people of Europe throught the ages won over the minds of the people. It was again because of the degradation of the Church, the Protestant Reformation Movement as was organised from time to time by Wycliffe, Martin Luther, and Calvin swept the whole northern Europe and the Counter Reformation kept the southern part of the continent loyal to the Church. Christendom was the creation of Christianity.

Christian Church by setting up colleges and universities in Europe paved the path of common men's learning. Having set up infirmaries and hospitals, the Church really served the ailing people in different countries. Along with colonial expansion, the Churchmen sailed across the seas and oceans and did the best of their jobs in educatiing millions in the colonies. Christianity, though once stood against Copernican Revolution and the scientific concept of evolution, yet, there is no denying that because of the contribution of the Church, afterwards science education spread in different parts of the globe.