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This site has a program that lets you convert .txt to .jar . Perhaps it allows you to do the reverse , try it out.

Here is a Chinese program that lets you convert jar to txt.

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โˆ™ 2010-08-09 04:04:03
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Q: Convert jar file into txt file?
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How do you convert text file to jar file?

You can change the file extension from .txt to .jar but .jar is a java format and is not normally used to wrap text.

How do you convert a exe file to a txt file?

You can't convert an exe file to a txt file.

How you can convert the sis file into jar file?

on the end write jar instead of sis

How do you convert exe file to jar file?

You can't.

How do you convert zip file to jar file?


How can you covert a ZIP file to a JAR file?

We can easily convert the zip file into jar file by using the converting software, named winzip.

Convert a pdf file to a txt file?

To convert PDF file to a txt file, you could try some online converter services. Trust me there are lots of them you could find. But if you find there are risks to upload your pdf to the internet, then just try desktop software:)

How txt file convert to Microsoft Word file?

Steps to convert a txt file to a MS Word file:Open Your MS Word.Click on the File menu or the Microsoft Word icon in the upper left corner of the screen.Choose the "Open" option.Select your TXT file that you want to convert by typing in its location under "File Name" and click on the "Open button".Go to the Microsoft Word icon or the File menu and choose the "Save As" option.Type in a new file name for the document.Verify that the file extension says ".doc" or ".docx" to save the file as a Word document; click on "Save" as to convert your TXT document to a Word document.

How do you convert jar file to sis?

by tunibg the jar up side down

How to convert exe file to jar files?*

How do you convert txt to HTML?

If you have a .txt file that you want to be a html file, do this: open the .txt file and then save as and (change the name to what you want to call the file).html. Make sure that you 'save as' for all files or you will be saved as: somename.html.txt which will result it still be a text document. Make sure that you have the document in HTML format.

How do you convert c file to jar file?

Jar files are basically zip files, but they are supposed to store java classes, they have nothing to do with C.

How do you convert ePUB files to jar files?

you cant not directly.But if you really want to you can convert epub to pdf (converter avalaible on many sites). Pdf to txt(converter avalaible on many sites).Then using tequilqcat to convert in jar. yup goodluck with that.

How do you convert a tex file to PDF?

download Adobe Reader... there you can simply save any txt file to pdf, rtf and more

How do you convert jar file to text file?

what is the purpose of converting jar file into text? means what are you trying to find by converting it. you can not see original java code because jar file is the collection of archive form of java .class files (compiled java file). And you can not read .class file

What does txt file extension mean?

The file is just a plain text file. Txt is an abbreviation for text.

How do you convert jar file into any readable file?

A .jar file is just an archive (Java Archive) file. To see the files inside it you need to use a file compression utility to decompress the archive. you can use JAD to decompress the archive and get the stuff inside it.

What is file extension for notepad file?


How do you convert sis files to jar?

this conversion is not possible because sis is a symbian file(another operating system that is mainly used by nokia) & jar is java file both are not same

What program do you use to read txt file?

A .txt can be read with notepad.

How do you combine multiple jar file into one jar file so that multiple jar files can be run from one jar file?


How do you convert jar to nes?

there is no way to convert jar to nes.... I Think theres a way to convert nes 2 jar

what file extension is not a type of compressed file?

.txt is not a compressed file.

What program do you need to view jar files?

JAR file is Java Archive file where all classes and related meta information is stored. Basically this format is based or is plain ZIP archive.To launch application in JAR file:java -jar .jarTo extract files from JAR file:jar -xvf .jarIt is possible to create/extract using any other plain ZIP utility.

What is jar file?

Jar file is Java AR-chive Java Archive File, commonly referred to as a Jar File is nothing more than a compressed archive file.