Converting to Islam?

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The best way to convert to Islam is to first learn Basic phrases and obtain some knowledge of the Qur'an. After you get comfortable with Islamic customs, take what we Muslims call a Shahada which translates into "to witness." hope this helps a bit.

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Q: Converting to Islam?
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Are Christians converting to Islam?

Yes, many do.

To what extent were the Muslims successful in converting Indians to Islam?

about as successful as Sikhs were at converting Muslims to Sikhism and Christians were in converting Hindus to Christianity....

Is converting to Islam is good?

Yes if is, as converting to any religion is good, as I am a Muslim I would say it is good.

How many people embraced the Muslim religion?

i am converting to islam

What was Jemima Goldsmith's religion before converting to Islam?


What was Muhammad Ali's name before converting to Islam?

Cassius Clay

Why do footballers convert to Islam?

Its not only about Footballers converting to Islam, if any of you has this question in mind then you have to know what Islam is.... Once you got to know the real meaning & Teachings of Islam Even you will start following it !

Why did the Chinese people turn to Confucius?

To stop the Chinese people from converting to Islam.

Why did Lou alcindor change his name?

He chose a Muslim name after converting to Islam.

When did Iran turn to Islam?

Around the 11th Century when everyone started converting

Should a person change his name after converting to Islam?

It isn't required or necessary.

How many non-Muslims convert to Islam worldwide?

Many that is different to find a published number. Converting to Islam is continuous and every where.

Who called for unity among all people after converting to orthodox Islam?

Malcolm X.

What was the spread of Islam between 600 and 1200 AD?

The spread of Islam between 600 and 1200 AD was caused by Muslim armies. These armies often coerced people into converting to Islam.

Were there any complications of converting to Islam?

The one who intends converting to Islam should be first convinced with the Islam faith.The first requirement from him is to witness the oneness of God (Allah) and that Muhammad is his prophet and messenger. This is pronounced in Arabic as " Ashadu Ann La Ilaha Ella Allah Wa Ann Muhammadan Rasoul ul Allah".By converting to Islam, he is forgiven from all his previous sins whatsoever. He should then understand the 5 pillars of Islam and gradually understands the basic Islamic teachings.see related questions listed below for more information.

Why is Islam the second largest religion in the world?

yes, because many muslims are being born each day and many people are converting to Islam ...

What did Omar worship before he accepted Islam?

Before converting to Islam, Umar ibn Al-Khattab was a pagan, worshipping various aspects of nature.

How many converts to islam?

It is difficult to answer this question as converting to Islam is a continuous process that happened and still happening until the Day of Resurrection. Refer to link below.

Was the Safavid Empire Christian?

No. The official religion of the Safavid Empire was Shiite Islam. They were also quite zealous rulers, forcibly converting many to Shiite Islam.

How did Islam spread in the early times?

A:More than anything, Islam was spread by conquest. Pagans were forcibly converted. Christians and Jews were allowed to continue in their faiths, which many of them did, but were provided compelling secular reasons for converting to Islam.

Is there diffusion of Islam?

It is unclear what is being asked here. If it is asking whether or not aspects of Islam enter cultures where Islam is not predominant, then the answer is certainly, Yes. There are people converting to Islam in numerous countries and Islamic ideas and views are becoming mixed into certain aspects of mainstream culture.

Is converting to Islam worth being disowned?

Not sure. Is a difficult question. If you think you can find happiness and eternal salvation in islam, then yes. If it's for a bet, or a joke, then no. Eternal happiness always wins.

What was Muhammad Ali's name before he became a black Muslim?

Before converting to Islam, Muhammad Ali was known as Cassius Clay.

What was Vladimir's religion before converting to Christianity?

HeathenismBefore converting to Christianity, Vladimir was considered a heathen (one who adheres to the religion of a people or nation that does not acknowledge the God of Judaism, Christianity, or Islam; such persons considered as a group; the unconverted).

How many people follow Islam today?

1600 million Muslims (per Pew Forum study as of October 2009). Islam is still growing by birth into Muslim families and by people coming into and converting to Islam.AnswerThey are more than 1.5 billions Muslims in the world today.