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Copanies that are actively trying to increase empowerment of employees in the strategic management process throughout the organization. Do these companies seem to be having positive outcomes? Why? Why not?

2007-08-22 09:58:19
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Q: Copanies that are actively trying to increase empowerment of employees in the strategic management process throughout the organization?
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Why is empowerment important to employees?

Because it distributes responsibility from management to the employees performing the tasks.

What is empowering people?

empowerment is a strategy and philosophy that enables employees to make decisions about their jobs. Employee empowerment helps employees own their work and take responsibility for their results. Employee empowerment helps employees serve customers at the level of the organization where the customer interface exists.

What are the Strengths and weakness of empowerment?

Empowerment is a strength for the individual, as they have a greater confidence in their ability to do a job. It can be a weakness for an organization, as it results in less control over the activities of employees.

Importance of labor organization in labor management?

Labor organization is important in management because it develops a sense of work ethic in employees. Making sure that employees are fully engaged in their work is essential for retaining them.

What is contemporary organization?

The contemporary organization achieves the empowerment of working-level employees by introducing horizontal elements into the organizational structure. While the contemporary structure is more flexible, it is less efficient.

The evaluation of employees and groups in an organization is part of which element of performance management?

It is part of rating in performance management. RATING (A+)

What has the author Lynnette M Godat written?

Lynnette M. Godat has written: 'The effects of a self-management training program on employees of a mid-sized organization' -- subject(s): Organization, Self-management (Psychology), Employees, Training of

Is management the backbone of any successful organization?

Management, employees and effective business processes are the backbones to a successful organization. There are other factors that contribute to an organization's success as well.

How do you think management have evolved?

Management has evolved from an authoritarian type style of management to including employees in decisions. Many managers also manage by objectives to ensure that their employees reach their goals as well as the organization.

How might retired executives in any organization assist in the career management of current employees?


What does flat management mean?

Flat management is an organization with zero or few levels of middle management between employees and the executive. Other names of flat management are delayering or horizontal organizations.

What is the role of participative management?

Role of participative management is basically to encourage employee empowerment in order to maintain good relationships with employees & also to encourage employees to be a part of the decision making process & to encourage a wave of flexibility within the organization. This will ultimately help towards increasing productivity, improving quality & achieve cost reduction & also help in changing any systems or processes which might be affecting the organization's performance.

Human resource management is manipulate the employees?

HR is always protecting the interest of the organization. They will try as much as possible to solve issue at the interest of the organization, in a way that is still not against the policy of the organization. In some way, employees feel that this is some sort of manipulation!!

Importance of HRM in the organization?

importance of Human Resource Management Human Resource Management outlines the importance of HRM and its different functions in an organization. It examines the various HR processes that are concerned with attracting, managing, motivating and developing employees for the benefit of the organization,

What are the importance of employees in an organization?

Employees are so important in any organization. The employees are the ones who implement the policies of an organization and help in the day to day running of an organization.

How has the movement toward empowerment changed the role of the manager?

The changes is their shared between the management and the employees, decisions, responsibilities, self direct work. They establish and implement their own work goals.

What is participative management?

AnswerAn open form of management where employees have a strong decision-making role. Participative management is developed by managers who actively seek a strong cooperative relationship with their employees. The advantages of participative management include increased productivity, improved quality, and reduced costs =============================================================Participative management holds employeesresponsible, accountable, for their work.It allows them to determine the out-comeof work-related activities.Participative management affords employeesa voice. Employees take their jobs seriously,and become loyal to the organization.Participative management delegatescontrol to employees, but theorganizational goals must be adhered to.Participative management fosters ateam environment. It is management'sjob to explain what's expected, and workwith employees to achieve goals.

What are advantages of MBO?

Management by objectives helps managers get employees motivated. It also helps the organization reach their goals more efficiently than simply directing employees.

Why organization need management information system?

Management information systems allow companies to manage production and their employees easier. Many management information systems warn managers when there are problems with the system.

What is neoclassical management?

Neoclassical management was the shifting away from the early classical management style to one looking at the human side of an organization and the social needs of employees. It was based on the idea that the role of management is to determine how to use employees to get things done in organizations. There were two movements in neoclassical management - the human relations movement and the behavioral movement.

How the databases useful in organization?

It is used to store the information about the project or the employees ,even it may be the growth of the management in terms of data

What is the core competence of Aldi?

Strict focus on price, independent brand, empowerment of employees

Does the southwest ceogary kelly use the concept of empowerment to effectively deal with subordinates?

Yes, Southwest CEO Gary Kelly uses the concept of empowerment to effectively deal with employees, but when he first took over as CEO he also leavened it with a large dose of what can only be termed "tough love" to get his organization back into shape.

What has the author Bruce Ford Yuill written?

Bruce Ford Yuill has written: 'Supervision' -- subject(s): Industrial management, Personnel management, Supervision of employees 'Supervision: principles and techniques' -- subject(s): Personnel management, Supervision of employees 'Developing managers in organisations' -- subject(s): Industrial management, Industrial organization

What are some knowledge management categories?

Knowledge management categories include knowledge tracking and creating space on an organization's Web site for information about the organization and for descriptions of the projects of its employees.