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Corvette 1996 leaking antifreeze when you turn car on it soot up around the belt cant spot where its coming from?

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βˆ™ 2006-08-28 17:14:54

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Examine the water pump. Look for water around the base of the pump after the engine is turned off.

2006-08-28 17:14:54
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Why is there a mist of antifreeze coming from your floor vent?

Leaking heater core

What is the nipple next to the heater core hoses coming out of the firewall on my 97 grand am 6cyl that is leaking antifreeze?

The nipple next to the heater core hoses is the drain tube for the a/c . The antifreeze is coming from the heater core , that is leaking .

What is the hose coming from the firewall that is leaking antifreeze from a 1997 Chevrolet Malibu?

It is a heater hose.

Why is your dodge 2003 leaking antifreeze and smoke coming out of tailpipe?

Most likely you have a blown had gasket.

Antifreeze coming in air vents?

Your heater core is leaking, Need to REPLACE HEATER CORE.

Why a white air that smells like antifreeze is coming out of car heaters?

white air that smells like antifreeze coming out of heater, indicates that you need to replace the heater core in your is leaking

Why will antifreeze be coming out of firewall on 93 lumina 3.1 euro?

you likely have a leaking heater core. Is this on the inside of the vehicle? if so then it defintately is a leaking heater core

Your 96 Saturn has a smell of gas coming from were you put the antifreeze?

you got a gas line leaking. get it checked soon

What causes antifreeze coming through vents in Crown Victoria?

Most likely the heater core is leaking. Has to be replaced.

What is the problem when the antifreeze leaks after replacing a hose?

Depends on where its leaking from. Could be a clamp hasn't been tightened enough. If its coming from elsewhere, it could be a leaking head gasket. Look for coolant in the oil or coming out the tail pipe.

Why is there Antifreeze coming out of the overflow tube but engine stays Farly cool Malibu 2001?

radiator cap might be leaking

Why is the odor of antifreeze coming through the ac and heating system in a 2002 ford F150?

You probably have a leaking heater core.

If antifreeze puddle on ground from under coolant bucket do i need water pump?

It is possible that the antifreeze is coming from a bad water pump. Clean the engine off. Watch it to see where the antifreeze is leaking from, as it could be a hose instead of the pump.

What does it mean when water is coming out of your catalytic converter?

Is it water ( condensation ) or is it antifreeze. If it is antifreeze it should be smoking WHITE out of the exhaust pipe and if it is then you have either a blown head gasket or a leaking Intake manifold gasket.

Antifreeze leaking from 2001 ford windstar?

probly leaking at the y pipe coming off of the water pump it is adealer only part,its a steel pie that is leaking at crimp welds or a pin hole,its a common thig with wind stars

Antifreeze leaking from reserve no heat?

The coolant is not flowing, causing no heat. Look at the antifreeze coming out to see it there are bubbles in it. If there are bubbles then you have a blown head gasket. If not, then you have either a bad thermostat of bad water pump.

How do you tell if leaking antifreeze is coming from the engine or the radiator on a 1996 Buick Regal 3.8 engine?

Pressure test system to observe leak

Pontiac 6000 le leaking antifreeze on passager side floor where is it coming from?

i found out its the heater coil needs to be replaced..thank you for your time

You have white smoke coming out of the tailpipe and antifreeze coming out of the manifold?

Think you may have bad head gasket, seal or cracked head. Water is getting into your engine which usually causes white smoke. Also leaking antifreeze is from these same causes. Hope this helps. Ken

Why would an antifreeze smell be coming into the car?

If you smell antifreeze in the passenger compartment of your car your heater core is probably leaking. It's under the dash somewhere ( depends on the make and model ). Another symptom of a leaking heater core is moisture build up on the inside of the windshield when you run your defroster.

Antifreeze is leaking behind the enigne of your villager van?

The leak is most likely coming from the heater core or a heater hose near the fire wall.

Antifreeze coming out exhaust pipe?

This is either a leaking head gasket, cracked head or warped head.This is a major project and should only be repaired by a qualified mechanic.

What do you do if there is greenish foam in the radiator?

If your antifreeze is green and it's foaming then you are getting air into the system. It is coming in by way of the water pump or you have a cylinder head gasket leaking compression.

91 escourt with a 1.9 antifreeze coming up around lifters?

you have a blown head gasket!!!

1994 Mark VIII you have antifreeze leaking from the rear of the engine you are not able to see where it is coming from it is not from trans cooling lines appears coming from above no water in oil?

there is a tube that runs from the back of the heads across each other