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Why is there Antifreeze coming out of the overflow tube but engine stays Farly cool Malibu 2001?

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radiator cap might be leaking

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3.4 liter engine in a 2003 Malibu is getting oil in the antifreeze but not antifreeze in the oil?

Intake gaskets have failed.

What causes antifreeze to come out the overflow?

when your engine is hot it causes the water to boil and the water and the anti freeze will come out of the overflow pipe.

Where do you put antifreeze in 2004 Chevrolet Malibu?

On passenger side of the engine compartment, you'll see a see thru container with 3 small hoses coming out of it and a black cap. This is the coolant recovery tank and this is where you put antifreeze/coolant in.

Where do you add antifreeze to the radiator of a Chrysler Cirrus?

To the overflow tank and if the radiator has a cap,you will need to fill it with the engine cold.

Where does the antifreeze go in a 94 Acura Legend?

In the overflow tank as well as the radiator. You should not do this while the engine is HOT!

How do you Add antifreeze to 1996 Crown Victoria?

With the hood open, on the passenger side there is the overflow container for the rad. The cap might be pressurized if the engine is hot. You add the antifreeze there.

Why would your radiator suck up antifreeze from the over flow?

If there is no leak visible so you can see antifreeze under the parked car, you probably have a head gasket going bad. You may have some signs of steam in your exhaust, or at least a sweet smell coming from the exhaust. You should have a compression test done on your engine. That is exactly what the overflow reservoir is for. When the engine is hot, excess coolant goes into the overflow tank, as the engine cools,it draws coolant back into the radiator.

Why does antifreeze surge in the overflow tank of a 99 Chevy Suburban?

Engine overheating will cause the anti-freeze to surge into the overflow tank. A blown head gasket will also cause the anti-freeze to surge into the overflow tank.

How do you get over flowed antifreeze out of radiator?

You really do not need to. Put the cap on and run the engine, the excess will flow into the overflow canister.

How can you tell if antifreeze leak under hood of 2001 Nissan maxima is coming from radiator?

look for antifreeze coming out of the radiator as the engine warms up after a cold start.

How do check the coolant levels in a Chevy Malibu?

Look on the side of the coolant overflow bottle. There should be a low mark for the coolant for a cool engine, and one for a hot engine.

Why does antifreeze backup into the overflow tank?

Heat from the engine causes liquid to expand. It used to overflow onto the ground if it caused enough pressure to open the radiator cap. The overflow tanks were installed to automatically catch and return the coolant to the cooling system.

Why do water drip on the back side of engine on a 2002 Chevy silvarado 2500 HD 4x4?

Is it WATER or Antifreeze ? If it's WATER then it is coming out of the A/C box. It is condensation and that is normal. If it's antifreeze Then it is coming from the engine and I need to know what engine you have to help on that part.

Why is your 1995 Mercury Tracer lose antifreeze?

could be a bad hose, bad radiator, bad gaskets, bad Head... find out if there is antifreeze leaking, and where from. if there isn't a visible leak, check your overflow for engine oil if the overflow is black, then it's a blown head gasket, and you;r out some bucks.

Where is the antifreeze put in a 91 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

sorry, im blondeWell, I'm NOT a blonde.With the engine running, open the hood and you should see an opaque white overflow tank with green (hopefully) antifreeze in it. On the side of the tank are level marks - one for an engine COLD level and the other for the engine WARM or HOT level. Since the engine will be WARM / HOT while you are adding the antifreeze you'll be using this mark as your reference. Open the plastic flap on the top of the overflow tank and slowly add antifreeze until it reaches the lower edge of the WARM/HOT mark on the tank. Close the flap on the tank to preserve system pressure and prevent antifreeze from spraying all over the engine compartment.*** Under no circumstances are you to add coolant directly through the radiator. The system is under pressure and must remain closed. The overflow tank is the only way to safely add antifreeze/coolant to the system.

Radiator fluid coming out of exhaust pipes?

Internal engine antifreeze leak what else could cause besides headgasket? there is no antifreeze in the oil it is clean

Why would you be losing antifreeze if there appears to be no leak?

internal engine leak is possible, smell your exhaust is it sweet? is there moisture coming out of your tail pipe? is there water in your oil? it is also possible for your engine to run so hot that coolant evaporates as steam through the overflow tube into the fill tank, keep it full

How do you add antifreeze to scion Tc?

Remove the radiator cap when the engine is cool and add the coolant into the radiator or you can add to the coolant overflow bottle. DON'T remove the radiator cap when the engine is hot!!!

Is an overfilled way above MAX mark antifreeze reservoir tank will cause harm to the engine?

It should be ok as there is nothing too terrible in the coolant. Excess antifreeze will just overflow. Try and get some out. Antifreeze can cause paint issues if the concentration is high enough...RR

Is a 1999 Malibu engine the same as a 2003 Malibu engine?

no it is not :\

Where do you add antifreeze in the engine I don't want to pour it in the wrong place I bought an antifreeze that is already mixed.?

Don't forget 50/50 solution too What kind of vehicle? What size engine? You don't add antifreeze to the engine, anyway. There should be an overflow jug on post '85 vehicles and on pre '85 vehicles you add the antifreeze to the radiator only. Please check your owner's manual or ask your car dealer for further information.

Why does the Antifreeze leak into the oil on Chevy Malibu 98'?

You may have a blown head gasket. This needs to be repaired before you drive the vehicle or you can blow your engine.

What could be wrong when antifreeze is coming out of the side in the middle of the engine?

Heater hose has a leak, freee plugs expanded in freezing weather because not enough antifreeze , engine block cracked or a blown head gasket.

How do you tell if leaking antifreeze is coming from the engine or the radiator on a 1996 Buick Regal 3.8 engine?

Pressure test system to observe leak

Why is there engine oil in the antifreeze?

if there is engine oil in the antifreeze generally indicates a cracked head on the engine