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  1. It depends on the place where your buying the donuts! For example, if your going to Dunkin Donuts, or Wegmans then it would be 2 whole different prices!!

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1 dozen doughnuts today will cost $6.49

12 times a dozen equals 144 doughnuts

A dozen of doughnuts is around $6.36, but back in 1933 they were about 1.5 cents each in the US, where the basic wage at that time was twenty-five cents per hour.12 doughnuts

Krispie cream-$5.00 daylight doughnuts-$10.00 dunken doughnuts-$2.00

A dozen is a group of twelve. If you order a dozen doughnuts, you will get 12. ~Elle~

13 doughnuts in a bakers dozen.

Buy one dozen doughnuts and receive one dozen original glazed free

No, the noun 'doughnut' is a count noun; the plural form is doughnuts (one doughnut or a dozen doughnuts).

The D stands for Doughnuts (or Donuts). The full solution is: 13 Doughnuts in a Baker's Dozen.

a dozen eggs cost 20 cents in the 1970'

3.5 X 12 is 42. There are forty two doughnuts in 3.5 dozen

It depends on where you buy them. It also depends on how many you buy. Some doughnut shops and grocery stores charge $5.00 or more for a dozen. If you can find a dozen doughnuts for $3.00, you're probably getting a good price.

In 1970 the price of 1 dozen eggs was $0.62

They are about 8 dollars for a dozen and 5 dollars for 1/2 dozen.

a dozen eggs, or doughnuts, 12 days of Christmas

I'd be willing to be 1 dozen glazed doughnuts that these alternators ARE the same.

This depends on where you are shopping.

Go to the baker and ask!

Eggs are not sold by the box, but the dozen and in California I am paying 4.99 a dozen.

I would be 1 dozen doughnuts that the radios are interchangeable.Check a local auto salvage/junk yard for a definitive yes/no.

A dozen eggs in 1912 cost only $0.40 for one dozen

On the price is right, it was stated that eggs in July 1997 were 2.99 a dozen.(large)

Rs 36 = 12 eggs = 1 dozen Rs 3 = 1 egg Rs 21 = 7 eggs

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