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about $250

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Q: Cost to replace faulty catalytic converter 2001 Mazda Tribute?
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What is the trouble when the check engine lite is on?

Faulty catalytic converter, or sensors in exhaust faulty

Could a faulty catalytic converter cause defrost system not to work properly?

No, the catalytic converter has nothing whatsoever to do with your defrost system.

How long before a faulty catalytic converter affects the vehicle's operation?


Does a catalytic converter cause a car to fail emissions?

Yes, it can if faulty or missing.

Can a faulty muffler choke an engine causing it to sputter and stall?

A faulty muffler will not cause this but a clogged catalytic converter will.

Why is your 1996 Cuttlas smoking?

Most likely a faulty gasket in the oil system, a faulty catalytic converter or a faulty component in the exhaust system.

What are symptoms of faulty catalytic converter 1990 miata?

loss of power.noise rattling from exhaust

Will a bad catalytic converter burn gas?

Yes, a faulty catalytic converter can cause fuel consumption to raise. Replacing a known bad catalytic converter will help, but keep in mind, the catalytic converter usually does not fail on its own. converters are pretty tough, living their lives running at 2000+ degrese internally. I would check your EGR valve and EGR valve tube for blockage or carbon build up. a faulty or clogged EGR valve will overtime distroy a catalytic converter. second thing to check is your Oxygen Sensors. these sensors are the computers first reading of bad fuel mixture, if they are clogged with carbon, they can distroy your EGR valve, which inturn kills your converter.

Can a faulty catalytic converter result in car fumes inside the car?

yes but it would need to be a very serious flaw

Will a faulty EGR cause damage to other things in a Dodge Neon?

Yes, it can cause damage to the O2 sensor and catalytic converter.

Where is the 02 sensor code P0420 bank 1 in a '99 Mercury Cougar V6?

Answercatalytic converter efficiency below threshold. see web site for sensors locations, copy and paste website in address.....A code PO420, catalytic converter efficiency below threshold, is more likely an indication of a catalytic converter problem, not the sensor. There are different codes that would indicate a sensor problem. However, it is possible that a sensor problem may be the cause of the catalytic converter code appearing. The sensors (newer cars have two or more) measure the differences between exhaust gas before and after the converter(s). Faulty sensors could indicate a faulty converter when it might be the sensors' bad measurements that are the cause. However, a faulty sensor should also generate a bad sensor code. Sometimes another indicator of a bad catalytic converter might be a vibration in the exhaust system near the converter caused by pressure in the converter or a breakdown of the honeycomb material inside the converter.

Where is the catalyst efficiency below threshold bank 1 located is it the converter that is on the driver side it is an Audi a4 3.0 liter quattro?

the trouble code you have received actually means that the oxygen sensor is reading that your catalytic converter (which breaks down harmful emissions ) is no longer operating properly. Either the oxygen sensor is faulty and is giving a incorrect reading,which means you must repalce it, or the catalytic converter is faulty, and must be replaced.