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does Costa Rica like Americans

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Interesting places in Costa Rica?

importantproduct from Costa Rica just the facts

What does Rica mean in Costa Rica?

Rica in Costa Rica means "rich". Costa Rica means "Rich Cost".

How do you say Costa Rica in Spanish?

costa rica. Costa Rica are Spanish words.

What are 5 intereesting facts about Costa Rica?

.5 active volcanoes .by 'National Geographic' it is considered the greenest county in the world .Costa Rica has no army/military .There are about 52 species of hummingbirds in Costa Rica .It has 4 different types of tucans .

Who explored Costa Rica?

Costa Rica

Is there a volcano named Costa Rica?

No, there are no volcanoes named Costa Rica, but there are volcanoes in Costa Rica.

What do you know about Costa Rica?

i know alot what exactly do you want to know about Costa Rica because i am from Costa Rica i know alot what exactly do you want to know about Costa Rica because i am from Costa Rica

Does Costa Rica have deserts?

No, there are no deserts in Costa Rica.

What is the climate in Costa Rica?

what is the climate in costa rica

Is Costa Rica a city?

Costa Rica is a country.

How do you say Costa Rica in English?

Costa Rica

Is Costa Rica a continent?

No. Costa Rica is a country.

What is the Spanish name for Costa Rica?

Costa Rica.

Is Costa Rica dangerous?

no, Costa Rica is not dangerous.

What does Es de Costa Rica mean?

"Es de Costa Rica" means that whatever is being discussed is from Costa Rica. Literally it means "is of Costa Rica."

What are other countries around Costa Rica?

Nicaragua(above Costa Rica), Panama (beneath Costa Rica)

What rhymes with Costa Rica?

Chica de Costa Rica

Religion of Costa Rica?

Most of Costa Rica is Catholic.

Who owns Costa Rica?

Costa Rica is its own country.

Is Costa Rica a country or state?

Costa Rica is a country.

Is Costa Rica an island?

Costa Rica is not an island, it is a country.

Do they have schools in Costa Rica?

yes Costa Rica does have schools

What airline can go to Costa Rica?

The Costa Rica Airlines.

What is the official name of Costa Rica?

Republic of Costa Rica

What happened in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica was founded in 1906