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Could achieve business success without information technology?


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March 09, 2013 7:01PM

No, I can not think of one type of busness that can successful without information technoligy or IT. Of couse large coorpartes have to have there servers, domain controllers, and all sorts of IT equipment to fuction propperly but when u get to small buisness, construction, lawncare, even babysitters or gas stations rely on IT for example, Construction companies rely on cell phones and computer to draw maps, blue prints, and other schematics witch cell phones must connect to a server in order to fuction as a phone witch is IT, the phone server same goes for lawncare and babysitters, as for Gas stations 75% of the population uses credit cards, and check cards or just checks and in order to process the transaction it needs some kind of modem witch connects to many diffrent servers around the world in order to verify and transfer funds.