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Could Germany win World War 2 after that it became worldwide in 11th December 1941 Could it occupy Soviet Union in operation blau?

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July 15, 2015 9:13PM

Probably not........odds were too great. Japan gave Germany a great opportunity that was squandered. Roosevelt had been waging a semi-secret war against Germany for over a year - sinking submarines, arming merchant marines, giving aid and comfort to Germany's enemies. Probably war was inevitable between the two, but Pearl Harbor might have delayed the USA full entry into the European war for a year or so.

In order to have a chance of victory, Germany needed to neutralize the Soviet Union - the main opportunity being to occupy the central front, Moscow, in fall 1941. Failing in this Germany was basically on the defensive the rest of the war, with only limited localized offensives thereafter.

Your next point on operation Blue: the occupation of the north Caucasus with some oil fields and the Stalingrad/Volga supply route. These goals were within the ability of the Germans to achieve. A faster move on Stalingrad in August 1942 would have almost certainly occupied that city. The north Caucausus were reached and to some extent, occupied. A stable Stalingrad front would probably have released enough resources to expand German occupation further south.

Even had the operation Blue goals been achieved it would have only meant a Soviet army of less power, not an elimination of that enemy. Germany's eastern front, even with full success in operation Blue, would have continued to be a difficult front, with heavy casualties, and difficult to defend from Soviet counterattack.