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Could Japan have been in an alliance with Germany during World War 2?


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What do you mean by COULD HAVE BEEN? They were.


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Germany, Italy and Japan

Italy, Germany, and Japan formed an alliance on November 6, 1937. It was first just Japan and Germany.

They formed the triple alliance .

The World War II Alliance between Germany, Italy & Japan was commonly referred to as the AXIS of EVIL.

The "Tripartite Pact" signed in Berlin, Germany on September 1940 created the partnership between Germany, Japan, & Italy.

The "Tripartite Pact" signed in Berlin, Germany in Sept 1940, created a partnership between Germany, Japan, and Italy.

Italy - Germany - Japan .

The Axis Powers was a military alliance with the countries Germany,Italy,and Japan during Word War II .Other countries were part of this alliance like Hungary,and Bulgaria but the three main countries were Germany,Italy,and Japan.

Japan did not attack Germany. Japan had an alliance with Germany and Italy. Japan fought the USA (after Pearl Harbour), Britain and her commonwealth (which included Australia).

Japan was part of the AXIS Alliance. This involved Germany, Italy and Japan. Siam (modern day Thailand) was also allied to Japan.

Japan joined Germany & Italy in a military alliance called the "Tripartite" or "Axis" powers on September 27, 1940.

it was part of the alliance thing germany was in alliance with japan and japan attacked usa in pearl harbour and declared war on japn therefore on germany as well answer 2: During World War 2, after Japan attacked the US, the US declared war on Japan. Germany in response declared war on the US, the only such declaration made by Nazi Germany. In response to the German declaration, the US declared war on Germany.

Germany, Japan and Italy were called the Axis Powers.

Japan has never had a Fascist ruler or government. Japan was militarily aligned with Fascist Germany and Italy during WW2 as a part of the AXIS alliance.

During World War II Japan made a partnership(alliance) with Germany and Italy forming the axis powers.

The axis powers. Japan was also a part of this alliance.

Japan had an alliance with Germany, as both countries had interests that conflicted with Russia. It made sense for Japan to join the Axis Powers during World War 2.

In September of 1940. Germany formed an alliance with Japan at the same meeting.

This was an alliance between Germany, Italy and Japan during WW2 and no one ruled over all of them.

USA was part of the Allied alliance that was fighting the Axis forces of Germany, Italy and Japan.

The Tripartite Pact was signed in Berlin, Germany on 27 September 1940.

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