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Could a 16 year old move in with her 18 year old sister?

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Yes with parental consent.

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If a 12 year old has gone through puberty, he could get any girl pregnant. He can get his sister or any other girl pregnant.

I personally think you could if she allows you to. But I'm not so sure about the welfare without being emancipated.

Only with parental permission and then her parents are still responsible for her.

No, you would not be able to do that. Unless the parents give permission for the 15 year old to move. Or the 15 year old gets emancipated.

Yes. Technically 18 year olds are adults. A minor could not have custody of a younger sibling. But an adult can.

yes he can as long aslong as he or she is responsible

Because the twins had to move on and got a little old!

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he doesn't have a 15 year old sister. :)

No, a 17 year old can not move out with a 19 year old in Illinois without parent approval. If the 17 year old has approval, they can move out.

No, in Pennsylvania a minor cannot move out of their parents home until they reach 18 years old. A 16 year old could be considered a runaway if they leave home.

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well after the age of 18 it is unlikely for them to be adopted even as a younger sister/brother. You could call her/him your younger sister/brother but it would not be official

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can a 17 year old move out on their own can a 17 year old move out on their own

Yes. An 18 year old CAN move in with a nineteen year old. If it was your girlfriend or boyfriend. NO husband or wife.

yes they will have to be brothers or sister yes they will have to be brothers or sister

legally, i think so, but it depends on how mature they are

you could play hide and seek or maybe if your out side u could play catch ...

iam a 17 yr old when i turn 18 will i be able to have legal rights to my 10 yr old sister.

File for adoption. Consult a social worker for further advice.

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