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It's possible, but not likely, considering they are normally not found on the same continent.

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What is stronger a hyena or leopard?

A leopard is much stronger it could kill a hyena

Can a hyena kill a leopard?

yes because hyena find cheetahs and leopards easy to kill they do not get on very well with each other infact they will fight to the death. But it turns out that leopards are actually 2 times bigger than a hyena. But a powerful male leopard or a Powerful female leopard can probably kill a weak hyenaby yameem Hoque (wildlife proffesinal expert)

Can a lioness kill a hyena?

Yes, because a lioness is strong enough to kill a leopard.

Can a silverback gorilla kill a hyena?

Yes, a silverback gorilla could kill a hyena.

What is faster leopard or hyena?

A leopard

What are the natural predators of the snow leopard?

A human lion or hyena how could you not no

Could a mastiff kill a hyena?

Most likely, an adult hyena would kill the mastiff. Hyenas can even outfight lionesses. However, in a rare situation I do believe a mastiff could possibly kill an adult hyena.

What makes a leopard afraid of a hyena?

A hyaena's jaws are strong enough to crack open even the strongest bones of another animal. If it got hold of a leopard, it would kill it.

Can a hyena kill a cougar?

i dont really know if a hyena kills a cougar but my aswers is a cougar can kill a hyena

What animal will kill and eat a hyena?

lions will kill and eat a hyena

Can a hyena kill a horse?

It is unlikely that a single hyena would take down a horse but a pack of hyenas (how they normally hunt) could.

What if you put a hyena and cougar in same cage?

they will most likely fight and the fight will be just like a hyena and leopard battle,but the cougar and leopard are on the same level and are evenly matched,therefore the cougar will overpower a hyena even though the hyena has a higher bite force

What is the similarities between the leopard and hyena?

they are both spotted

What type of dog has killed a hyena?

a rottweiler was the only dog to battle a hyena .the rott could of kill the hyena but the owner stop the fight. now just imagine what the rott will do the hyena if the owner didn't show

Could a leopard kill a lion?

A leopard would not go near a lion alone. Two or three leopards that are about to attack can kill a lion.

Who will win hyena or leopard?

,Hyeas are larger than leopards.But the leopard has more endorance, while the hyena has stamina.Alone,I think the leopard would win because it has sharper claws than the hyena, and is more aggresive, or if the hyena is spotted, and really wanted to fight,the hyena would win if the fight was one on one. A male leopard is smaller than a striped hyena, which is the smallest of the hyenas, but both animals are affraid of geting injured, so the hyena would run away first. Dogs are not built to fight 1 on 1, cats are, thats why dogs hunt in packs, but like i said, if it really wanted to, the hyena would win.

Is a hyena a prey to a lion?

A single hyena could become the prey of a pride of lions. A group of hyenas (if enough in number) could drive a pride of lions off their kill.

Leopard Vs tiger who wins?

An adult tiger could easilly kill a leopard but leopards kill tiger cubs if they get the chance.

Can an elephant beat a hyena?

Yes, an adult elephant could easily kill a hyena. However, calves could be killed by hyenas. So adult elephants protect their calves from predators.

Can a king cheetah kill a leopard?

A leopard can kill a cheetah but the leopard will have injuries.But a King Ceetah will kill a leopard to defend it's territory

Can hyena kill a dog for his food?

the can kill them

Does a hyena have a predator?

Yes! The Lion, who will often kill Hyena cubs, as well as large prides of Lions who will kill Hyena Adults when the Hyenas will try to poach (steal) a fresh kill from Lions.

Can a buffalo eat a hyena?

No. First a buffalo eats grass not meat. Second it is located in a different part of the world from a hyena. A hyena may eat a dead buffalo, but not the other way around. The buffalo could kill a hyena and it would leave it at that.

What can kill a hyena?

Lions can kill them. Humans do also.

Could a leopard kill a human?

Yes, as they have very sharp claws. With their quick agility, they could kill you just like their prey.