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It's highly possible and only time will tell. Most males that are just friendly at work don't tell the opposite sex they miss them in just a couple of days. Hopefully he's single and if so wait a month or so to see if he asks you out and if not then invite him out for dinner.


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When a married woman tells a man she is getting closer to him (if it is not her husband she is speaking too) means she is falling in love with him or wants to have an affair. If the male was smart he would hit the ground running and not get into an affair with her.

yes a women can have a miscarriage any where between ovulation and her missed period some women know and some do not

If she no longer tells you that she loves you, doesn't show much interest, makes excuses for not spending time together, etc.

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Sounds like this man is falling in love with her. Many people don't realize that the most successful relationships are being friends first and then falling in love. Your partner is suppose to be your best friend.

It is not possible for a woman to have a friend with benefits without falling in love. This is because feelings get involved no matter what.

a woman will know when she has missed a period. Some woman have a feeling before. But nothing is definite until a pregnancy test is done.

It means he wants his true desires and passions to come true. It could be a bit flattering for a woman to hear a man profess his love for her in that way. It could be a bit creepy if the guy professing his love for her is not someone she wants to be with.

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